How Long Does Gold Bee CBD Stay?

Gold Bee Best CBD Edibles

Although Gold Bee CBD has just recently entered the CBD market, it has been receiving considerable attention from the press. This brand stands out because it uses only organic hemp in all of its goods and because its full-spectrum offerings boast a remarkable terpene profile.

The oils have a significantly greater terpene content than the industry norm, which is confirmed by the company’s external lab tests. To sum up, this company’s CBD offerings are among the best on the market.

Organic hemp is used to produce oils, capsules, and gummies, all of which are of high quality and reasonably priced. This company also provides a few one-of-a-kind items, such as full-spectrum CBD honey sticks derived from nectar gathered in the Brazilian jungle.

About The Company: Gold Bee

Gold Bee first produced organic superfoods and wildflower honey before expanding into the CBD oil market. In 2019, after the company’s founder became interested in producing premium hemp extracts, the company first began selling CBD products.

Gold Bee Best CBD Edibles

To test the waters and see what kind of interest there was in the CBD oils, the business initially distributed them in small quantities to California dispensaries. The company saw success with its CBD oils and decided to diversify by creating CBD gummies and CBD capsules.

The company’s website and the first line of products, CBD honey sticks, went live at the beginning of 2020. Gold Bee items can now be purchased by anybody in the United States through their website.

Where Does Gold Bee Get Its Hemp?

Gold Bee Best CBD Edibles

All of Gold Bee’s hemp is sourced from small family farms in Colorado and California. The use of natural pesticides, regular checks of soil and air quality, and the use of organic fertilizer are all part of the organic farming practices that go into producing this food. Services Provided By Gold Bee

1. CBD Oils

Oils containing CBD are the mainstay of the CBD market. Cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids dissolve poorly in water but easily in fats and oils. CBD oil is an inexpensive and easily absorbed form of CBD.

Gold Bee Best CBD Edibles

Premium carrier oils like MCT oil or hemp seed oil, and a full-spectrum hemp extract are hallmarks of high-quality CBD oils. In terms of the qualities we want in a high-quality CBD oil, Gold Bee’s offerings meet or exceed all expectations.

2. CBD Gummies

If you don’t care for the flavor of CBD oil, you may want to try CBD gummies instead. In addition, they include measured amounts of CBD in each serving, which simplifies dosage. CBD gummies are convenient for on-the-go dosing or giving to children. There is no need for precise measurement, as there would be when using CBD oil.

Gold Bee Best CBD Edibles

One further perk of CBD gummies is that you can divide the dose any way you like, unlike with other CBD products like capsules. The highest-quality CBD gummies on the market include at least 20 milligrams of CBD per serving and are made with broad-spectrum hemp extract rather than synthetic chemicals.

3. CBD Capsules

To produce CBD capsules, pure CBD oil is placed inside specialized soft gel capsules. As with their other CBD products, most manufacturers fill their capsules with the same CBD oil used in their oils. In comparison to CBD oil, capsules offer some benefits at no extra cost.

Gold Bee Best CBD Edibles

Some individuals find the taste of hemp oil to be excessively harsh or “grassy,” but this process eliminates that. Problems with dosing are also eliminated by using capsules. The CBD dosage in each pill is consistent and well-defined. Full-spectrum hemp oil of at least 20 milligrams per capsule is what you’ll find in the best CBD pills.

4. CBD Honey-Sticks

In 2020, consumers will be all over honey products with added CBD. More and more businesses are joining the CBD honey and edible CBD oil market every month. Because CBD is so readily absorbed by honey, the two substances pair very well. In contrast to many other edibles, the CBD in this one won’t sink to the bottom of the container as it dissolves.

Gold Bee Best CBD Edibles

Additionally, this allows companies to hide the hemp extract’s inherent flavor, which is disliked by certain consumers. CBD honey sticks can be used in a hot drink like tea or coffee. As the hot beverage melts the honey will gradually diffuse into the drink — carrying the CBD along with it.

Security & Independent Verification

All Gold Bee products undergo third-party testing to ensure their quality, as would be expected from a leading CBD manufacturer. In order to ensure the quality of the hemp extract produced at the Gold Bee facility, a sample is taken from each batch and sent to an independent testing lab for inspection.

Gold Bee Best CBD Edibles

Here, we get an accurate read on the CBD content, as well as the cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and microorganisms are just examples of the common pollutants tested for. All independent laboratory reports are available for public inspection on the Gold Bee website at any time.

Gold Bee Shipping & Returns Policy

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee on all Gold Bee CBD products. There is a 30-day return policy in place in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase. Gold Bee only offers domestic shipping within the United States. They haven’t jumped through all the legal hoops necessary to ship CBD goods overseas yet.

Gold Bee Best CBD Edibles

A mail forwarding service is required to get Gold Bee items if you are located outside the United States. But remember, you’re treading on your own dime if you decide to proceed. Orders lost at customs will not be refunded or reshipped by Gold Bee.

Gold Bee CBD: Conclusion

Despite Gold Bee’s relative newness to the market, we now consider them to be among the best CBD brands available. The Gold Bee crew takes great care in the CBD extraction and product preparation processes. Everything is created from organic hemp cultivated in the United States, extracted using cutting-edge CO2 extraction techniques, and subjected to stringent quality control testing.

Honey-flavored CBD oil or CBD edibles from Gold Bee are great places to start if you’re curious about using CBD for the first time. Check out the organic CBD honey sticks if you’re looking for a novel and interesting product.

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