CB2 partners with GL Brands in CBD anxiety trial

Canadian company CB2 Insights has announced a prospective trial to the safety, efficacy and other health measures for patients looking to treat anxiety.

It will undertake the trial with GL Brands through its US-based hemp brand and key operating subsidiary, Green Lotus. 

The study will use Green Lotus’ cannabidiol soft gel capsules.

Prad Sekar, CEO of CB2 Insights, said: “We are proud to have been approached by GL Brands to help advance their product research and development efforts using our vast network of clinical sites and knowledge and experience in conducting clinical trials.

“Cannabis licensed producers, product manufacturers and cannabis-focused pharmaceutical companies have all matured to the point of needing clinically-driven research to support the registration of their medical products.

“Our tools and experience help formalise and expedite that process in a way that is aligned with traditional pharmaceutical products.”

Patients and clinicians will be recruited for the study through the existing CB2 Insights clinical network which represents the largest medical cannabis patient registry in the US, a press release states.

The trial will incorporate a multi-centre experimental pre-test, post-test, non-randomised design and will monitor patients using the specified Green Lotus treatment over a 90-day period.

“Through our subsidiary brand, Green Lotus, we have brought to market one of the most wide-ranging lines of natural and organic hemp products that provide a full spectrum of remedies for consumers across North America suffering from multiple ailments,” said Carlos Frias, CEO, GL Brands.

“Our partnership with CB2 Insights will allow us to illustrate the effectiveness of our products across indications such as chronic pain, sleep disorders and anxiety.”

The project has already commenced and will continue through patient recruitment, observations and trial close-out.