Meet YouTuber Star Piper Rockelle New Boyfriend Lev Cameron!

Piper Rockelle, a YouTuber, actor, and social media star, is only 14 years old. Despite her tender years, she has amassed a respectable 9.02 million subscribers on her channel. Her lover is the primary inspiration for much of her work. Moving on from Piper’s work as a content creator, we discovered that she has guest-starred in a number of programs, including Dark Eyes and Mani.

Piper tried her hand at modeling and even competed in a few beauty pageants before she found her way to the small screen. Piper is also a talented singer and dancer. Who is Rockelle seeing at the moment? In this review, we shall discuss various topics, including this one. Piper Rockelle first gained fame as a social media celebrity, with over 4 million people following her when she posted appealing videos to her musical.ly account.

Following this, she started a channel under her own name on YouTube, where she has since amused her over 7 million subscribers with a variety of humorous videos. She also maintained her acting career by guest-starring in the American TV series “Mani.” Short films “Dark Eyes” and “Sitting In The 80’s” followed her debut.

Who Is Piper Rockelle Dating Now in 2022?

There is a teen named Lev Cameron Khmelev in Piper Rockelle‘s life right now. Fans learned about Lev and Piper for the first time on February 14, 2020, the day after he requested Piper to be his valentine. This getaway is ideal for a couple who is deeply committed to one another romantically. It comes as no surprise that the couple began dating seriously in May 2020.

Consequently, there was already some indication that Piper and Lev were more than just friends at that point. Lev and Piper are always posting supportive messages for one other on Instagram. It appears like Piper Rockelle and her boyfriend Lev Cameron are still going strong, as seen by multiple recent postings and images that have wowed followers.

They frequently send heartfelt comments to one another on social media sites like Instagram. Piper recently shared an image of herself and Lev, writing, “one million reasons to grin.” Their collaboration is also seen on their YouTube channels, where they have posted numerous videos. Titles from their most recent videos include “My boyfriend DM’d 100 of my friends to see who would react” and “Scaring my boyfriend with a fake snake.”

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About Piper Rockelle Boyfriend Lev Cameron

Lev Cameron Khmelev, 16, is an accomplished dancer and internet celebrity. Lev began dancing at the tender age of five. According to an old interview, Cameron decided to pursue professional dancing after only seven days. Lev has been a contestant on numerous reality shows, including Little Big Shots, So You Think You Can Dance, and Dancing with the Stars Juniors.

Lev has collaborated with notable figures in the music industry, including Justin Timberlake. Lev starred in a music video titled “Can’t Stop The Feeling” four years ago. Lev Cameron was born in France on October 11th, 2005. Five years ago, in a film named “And the Tiara Goes To,” he made his acting debut. We discovered Lev’s fame through his illustrious Instagram following.

As of this writing, he has amassed a following of almost 1.6 million people. There were many photos of him and Piper together on the page. His Instagram shows that they have traveled to other locations together despite their young age. On YouTube, Lev has close to a million devotees. To test Piper’s reactions, he does crazy things like disguising up as her ex-boyfriend.

Past Relationship

Piper allegedly dated her YouTube collaborator Gavin Magnus before she started dating Lev. Gavin, a fifteen-year-old, has musical aspirations of his own. Piper and Gavin shared an apartment for a while, during which time they both made frequent appearances on each other’s YouTube channels.

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Some say Gavin broke up with her, but his reasoning for doing so is illogical. He has decided that he must end his relationship with Piper in order to protect the planet. Also, Piper was said to be dating another YouTuber named Walker,

according to a number of different media outlets. After taking the “Marry your Crush” challenge for 24 hours, they upset their fanbase. Their marriage was considered a publicity gimmick because of the fact that they were so young.


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