Is The New Medical Drama Series ‘Dr. Death’ Based on A True Story?

Who Is Dr. Death Based On

The new medical drama series Dr. Death on Peacock stars Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater as two doctors who try to stop the craziness of a crazed and sadistic neurosurgeon, played by Joshua Jackson. After being cast in the lead role, Jamie Dornan ultimately left the show due to production delays brought on by the COVID-19 virus.

Many are curious if the events depicted in the series, directed by Maggie Kiley and co-executive produced by Patrick Macmanus, are based on a true story, as it follows the “young, charismatic, and ostensibly brilliant” Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a successful doctor with a flourishing career in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Duntsch presented himself as a bright and capable physician to the outside world, but his patients were leaving his practice with horrific injuries and even dying after routine spinal surgeries. Dr. Duntsch’s misdeeds were only discovered thanks to the efforts of two other local doctors: neurosurgeon Robert Henderson (Baldwin) and vascular surgeon Randall Kirby (Slater).

Who Is Dr. Death Based On

According to the show’s official description, “Dr. Death investigates the sick mind of Dr. Duntsch and the shortcomings of the system created to safeguard society’s most vulnerable citizens.” Curious as to whether or whether Dr. Death by Peacock is a fictionalized account of a historical figure. What we know is detailed below.

Who is Christopher Duntsch?

The Dallas medical community looked up to Dr. Christopher Duntsch as a bright future. Apparently, Duntsch’s strategy for winning over patients was to proclaim to them that he was “the best” in his specialty, as reported by the Washington Post. People would often hear him say, “Everybody’s doing it wrong.

I’m the only guy in the state who practices minimally invasive surgery. Although he presented well verbally and in writing, his performance was less than stellar. Forty-seven patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth region underwent surgery with Duntsch between 2011 and 2013. There were two fatalities associated with those operations.

Who Is Dr. Death Based On

Floella Brown, one of Duntsch’s victims, died of a stroke after the artery in her spine was cut. Duntsch also fatally damaged the main artery in the spine of Kellie Martin, causing her to bleed to death. As the saying goes, “I’m draining his youth.” About her boyfriend, 32 years old: Helena Bonham Carter.

The True Crime Conversations podcast on Mamamia features in-depth interviews with experts on some of the most intriguing, terrifying, and puzzling crimes in the world. This article will proceed below. Over the course of those two years, Duntsch damaged 31 patients, leaving some with permanent nerve damage, persistent pain, and even paralysis as a result of their operations.

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Who Is Dr. Death Based On

In 2015, Duntsch faced charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon six times, aggravated assault resulting in serious bodily injury five times, and injury to an elderly person once. The 50-year-old is presently lodged in the Huntsville facility of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. It will be 2045 before he can apply for release on parole.

Is Dr. Death Based on A True Story?

Dr. Death is based on the real-life account of Texas surgeon Christopher Duntsch, who was given a life sentence in 2017 for the horrific injuries he inflicted on 35 of his 37 patients between 2011 and 2013. According to TIME, 33 out of the 37 patients were damaged as a result.

Some of his patients awoke following operations paralyzed and/or in constant pain from nerve damage. Duntsch was responsible for the deaths of two patients: one who experienced massive blood loss following surgery,

Who Is Dr. Death Based On

and another who suffered a stroke due to a severed vertebral artery. A childhood friend of Duntsch’s needed spinal surgery, and after the doctor accidentally severed the patient’s vertebral artery, the patient woke up a quadriplegic.

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Is Dr. Death Based on A Series of Podcasts?

The podcast Dr. Death, which chronicles the rise and fall of neurosurgeon Dr. Duntsch and the secretive neurosurgery practice he founded, served as inspiration for the fictional Dr. Death. Absolutely, you can watch Dr. Death on Stan! All you need is access to the Stan platform and you can watch the hit series whenever you want.

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