Is Actress Samantha Lewes Cause of Death A Bone Cancer?

Samantha Lewes Cause of Death

Samantha Lewes is an actress who appeared on “Bosom Buddies” (1981) on ABC and the TV movie “Mr. Success” (1984) on NBC. She gave birth to Tom’s children Colin and Elizabeth and was his first wife. Lewes, a native Californian, was Hanks’ sweetheart in college. They tied the knot at a young age for the most part.

When they first met, she was 25 and he was 21. The young couple struggled financially and often had to “piecemeal” their meals together. When late 1977 rolled along, we welcomed baby Colin. 4.5 years later, we welcomed baby Elizabeth. After relocating his family to New York City in 1979,

Hanks began to build a career for himself as a comedian and actor. It was the release of the 1984 fantasy romantic comedy “Splash” that catapulted him to fame. His professional life became more secure, but his personal life was in shambles. In 1987, he and Lewes split up.

Samantha Lewes Early Life

Susan Jane Dillingham, the future Samantha Lewes, was born to John Raymond Dillingham and Harriet Hall Dillingham on November 29, 1952, in San Diego, California, USA. Her father served as a United States Marine in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

Samantha Lewes Cause of Death

He served for 26 years and was awarded numerous medals and decorations, including the Purple Heart. The matriarch of the Lewes household taught English. She spent a year as an exchange teacher in England, where she taught English to primary school students.

Dillingham and her three siblings moved around the United States frequently during their childhood. After their parents’ 1962 divorce, the children were reared solely by their mother. At various points during her formative years,

Dillingham lived in the Golden State, the Carolinas, Hawaii, Florida, Virginia, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. So that she and her family could live near her older brother, David, she ultimately persuaded her mother to relocate to the north coast of California.

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Samantha Lewes Cause of Death

Samantha Lewes Cause of Death

Actress Samantha Lewes passed away at age 49. Apparently, bone cancer was the ultimate killer for Samantha Lewes. Bone cancer ultimately claimed the life of Samatha Lewes. She died a few months after being diagnosed because the illness had progressed to her brain and lungs, so the accounts say. Hanks found out and promptly had her seen by leading experts in the field.

When physicians discovered that the disease had gone to her lungs and, most likely, her brain, they told her family that there was nothing more they could do for her except control her discomfort. The death of Lewes occurred on March 12, 2002, when he was 49 years old. Upon her death, she was laid to rest at Sacramento’s East Lawn Memorial Park.


Dillingham had wanted to be an actress since she was a little girl. Her interest in acting began after she graduated from high school, and she went on to study at California State University, Sacramento. She adopted Samantha Lewes as her formal name at some point. Her first television appearance was in the 1981 episode “Cahoots” of the sitcom “Bosom Buddies,” in which she played a waitress.

Samantha Lewes Cause of Death

The series premiered on ABC on November 27, 1980, and aired for two seasons until March 27, 1982. It was created by Chris Thompson, Thomas L. Miller, and Robert L. Boyett. Peter Scolari played Henry Desmond/Hildegard, and Tom Hanks featured as Kip Wilson/Buffy.

Donna Dixon, Holland Taylor, and Telma Hopkins also played pivotal roles. It was on the set of this show that Hanks met his second wife, the actress Rita Wilson. In the second season episode “All You Need Is Love,”

Samantha Lewes Cause of Death

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she played Cindy (1981). In the 1984 Jack Shea telefilm “Mr. Success,” about a guy who cuts off all relations with his family in order to succeed, Lewes played a customer. James Coco, Patrick Cochran, and Viveka Davis all had starring roles in the TV movie.

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