Marshmallow Face Reveal: Let’s Take a Look At The Face Behind The Mask!

In contrast to the traditional pairing of marshmallows and hot chocolate, another Marshmello is more commonly associated with a massive helmet and a slew of A-listers. There’s one that’s delicious, and the other is a DJ who’s worked with big names like Selena Gomez while yet keeping a low profile.

When not performing, Marshmello not only uses a pseudonym to conceal his identity but also covers his face with a huge marshmallow-shaped helmet. From the beginning of his career, Marshmello’s fans have wanted to see him without his trademark helmet.

Once or twice he’s even had well-known pals dress in his signature style to fool his devoted following. However, there is a plausible theory about who he is, and if it turns out to be correct, we will have seen him without his disguise. Read on to find out for yourself.

Is Marshmello Played With Fans’ Emotions

In 2016, “Marshmello” counted down for the crowd at EDC Las Vegas, and then took off his helmet to a roar of applause. But it wasn’t him at all. Tiesto, another DJ, was the one who sported the square mask. As if that wasn’t enough of a prank, Marshmello uploaded the Tiesto video to his own YouTube channel and gave it the headline.

“Marshmello FINALLY exposes himself at EDC Las Vegas 2016.” Marshmello tweeted a (kind of) explanation for the helmet in August of 2017: “For privacy reasons, I never remove my helmet. With all my heart, I hope to make something inspiring that other people can relate to.”

In a subsequent update, he said, “The helmet makes me Marshmello and also makes you Marshmello…we are all Marshmello.” Then maybe you could just look in the mirror to see what Marshmello actually looks like. It’s not a bad idea to give it a try.

Will the Real Marshmello Please Stand Up?

The Best Electronic Dance Music/Dance Artist award at the 2018 iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards went to Marshmello. Apparently, he wore an all-white ensemble and his trademark helmet when he took the stage. Once again, the mask was revealed to be false, this time revealing Canadian artist Shawn Mendes.

Nobody ever gets mad to see Mendes, but this is just the latest time Marshmello has played with his fans’ feelings by leading them on. Will Ferrell had previously that year recorded a video in which he claimed to be the DJ and producer Marshmello.

The actor from Step Brothers removed his square helmet and stated, “To answer your question, yes, it is I. It’s me, Marshmello. It was always me.” Unfortunately, that obviously isn’t true, but the entertaining video did reveal some of Marshmello’s forthcoming performance dates, so there was some benefit for the audience.

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Let’s Take Off the Mask and See Who’s Really There

Marshmello’s true identity was hidden from the public for quite some time. In time, though, we learned that Marshmello is actually just another name for a man named Chris Comstock. The name “Dotcom” is another one of his aliases. It was on Comstock’s birthday, May 19, 2016, that the mask was finally off, thanks in large part to a video made by Skrillex in honor of Marshmello.

Skrillex was in the midst of an interview with Katie Couric when he received a phone call. Katie identified the caller as Chris, and he said, “Oh, Marshmello.” In other words, you can now quickly and easily look at more photos of Marshmello, aka Christopher Comstock, or Dotcom, on Instagram.

When Did Marshmello Come Into The Spotlight?

In 2015, at age 29, he released his debut single, Wavez. He shared the song on his SoundCloud profile around the beginning of 2015. After that, he dropped reworks of songs by American DJ duo Jack Ü and Russian-German DJ Zedd.

He kept producing music and after a while, he began gaining the attention of artists. When he originally emerged, he gained Skrillex’s attention and support when he reposted one of his songs, Find Me, on SoundCloud.

Why Does Marshmello Wear a Helmet?

This subject is one of the most contested questions in the whole world. There have been a lot of suspicions regarding the music producer wearing a helmet over a previous couple of years. I never remove my helmet because I have no interest in or need for public acclaim.

In 2017, he posted a final response to his adoring public: “I’m honestly trying to build something great for people to connect with.” The musician updated his global fan base through Twitter with a more detailed explanation of his decision to don protective headgear.

He went on to say that by donning a helmet, he could remain anonymous and that anyone could assume the identity of the figure. The helmet transforms me and you into Marshmello, he proclaimed, “and now we are all Marshmello.”

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What Does His Manager Have to Say About Him Wearing a Helmet?

Marshmello’s manager Moe Shalizi shared his opinion on the DJ’s choice to wear a helmet during an exchange with Forbes. A key question for them was, as he put it, “how do you create a brand that is accessible to everybody, that everyone can be and relate to?” “The concept we had in mind with Mello was, how do you build a worldwide figure,” Shalizi elaborated.

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