Who Is the Wife of Michael Jordan? Overview of Yvette Prieto.!

Michael Jordan will be remembered as one of the greatest basketball players in history.

However, he discovered love off the court when he married Yvette Prieto. The former model and Jordan met in a Miami nightclub in 2008 after Jordan’s divorce from his first wife, Juanita Vanoy, in 2006. They got along great right away and moved in together the next year. In 2011, they got married.

In front of 500 guests, Jordan and Prieto got married on April 27, 2013. The couple now lives in Jupiter, Florida with their twin daughters.

Although the NBA great and the model, who was born in Cuba, keep their relationship a secret, they have shared a few red-carpet appearances. The couple has also gone to boxing contests, NASCAR races, and basketball games.

Here is all there is to know about Michael Jordan’s wife, Yvette Prieto.

She Was a Model Who Was Born in Cuba.

Prieto was born in Cuba, but when she was a young child, her family relocated to Miami. According to ESPN the Magazine, Prieto fell in love with sailing while growing up close to the sea. The couple has taken sailing vacations throughout the years “because Yvette loves them, even if he hates the water.”

She also worked with designers like Alexander Wang during her modeling career.

Who Is the Wife of Michael Jordan?

A year after divorcing his ex-wife Juanita, Michael Jordan met Yvette Prieto, a model from Cuba who is now 41 years old and 16 years his junior. In 2009, Michael and Yvette shared a residence, and two years later, they became engaged.

Tiger Woods, Usher, and Robin Thicke were reportedly among the attendees at Yvette and Michael’s alleged £8 million wedding in Florida in 2013. Yvette and Michael received identical twin daughters Ysabel and Victoria one year later. Even though they try to live their lives in privacy, the pair is still together.

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Who Is the Ex-Wife of Michael Jordan?

After a Bulls Game in 1985, Michael Jordan Met Juanita Vanoy, a Model and Loan Officer. Juanita Appeared in An Interview in 1992 and Described how A Friend of Theirs Had Put Them in Touch. After Two Years of Dating, According to The Washington Post, Michael Proposed to Juanita on New Year’s Eve in 1987. the Two Later Were Married in 1989 in Las Vegas, One Year After Welcoming Their First Son, Jeffrey Jordan.

After 17 Years of Marriage, Michael and Juanita Decided to Divorce Even Though Their Daughter Jasmine and Second Son Marcus Were Both Born in 1990 and 1992, respectively. According to Reports, Juanita Filed for Divorce in 2002, Citing Irreconcilable Differences, but She Later Withdrew Her Request as The Pair Made a Last-Ditch Effort to Remain Together.

Nevertheless, Michael and Juanita Mutually Decided to End Their Relationship in 2006, Four Years Later. According to Estimates, Juanita Received £138 Million as Part of The Divorce Settlement.

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When and Where Did Michael Jordan Marry Wife Yvette Prieto?

In Palm Beach, Florida’s Bethesda-By-The-Sea Episcopal Church, the Couple Was Wed on April 27, 2013. According to Us Weekly, the Wedding Cost $10 Million. at Their Wedding, Usher and Robin Thicke Performed. on Their Special Day, More than 300 Guests Showed Up, Including Spike Lee, Tiger Woods, Scottie Pippen, and Patrick Ewing.

Prieto Wore a French Silk J’aton Couture Wedding Dress Embellished with Swarovski Crystals. to K’jon’s Song, the Pair Performed Their First Dance “on the Water.

“their Seven-Layer White Rum Wedding Cake Included the Couple’s Monogram and Was Decorated with Crystals. the Couple Decided to Have Donations Made to The James R. Jordan Foundation in Place Of Wedding Presents. the Jupiter Medical Center Received a Donation of The Bridal Flowers.

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