Akielia Rucker and Vinny Guadagnino: Still Dating? Update

In the third season of Double Shot at Love with Akielia Rucker, Vinny Guadagnino decided to leave the show. In the December series finale, Vinny and Akielia agreed to give their love a go outside of the spotlight.

The couple’s love did not last, though. While promoting the upcoming season of Jersey Shore on January 4, Vinny told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “We are no longer together.” “I stayed friends with Akielia after the show, but things are different in the outside world, away from the Double Shot at Love house. The truth is that we’re both happier with the friendship.

It was Vinny’s third go-around on the MTV reality show, but unlike his friend Pauly D., he has not found love yet. Nikki Hall, Pauly’s girlfriend as of Season 2, was a regular on the first season of the show in 2019, where they met. Vinny looked up to Pauly and Nikki as role models during season 3, but his efforts to find happiness ultimately failed.

When Vinny and Akielia stopped talking about their relationship on social media after the Double Shot at Love finale, viewers naturally assumed the couple had broken up. To add insult to injury, Akielia still follows Vinny on Instagram despite the fact that he does not follow her.

According to the “Keto Guido,” the fallout from his romance with Akielia will not be shown on the new season of Jersey Shore, which begins on January 6. Lucky for us, there’s still a lot of great material to come!

For his part, Vinny’s romantic life is progressing to the point where he’s ready to settle down like the rest of his Jersey Shore pals. To paraphrase, “I’m at a place where, naturally, I’ve slowed down a lot when it comes to nightclubs and partying and drinking every night,” he said.

So, it would be nice to have a partner who is more consistent. It’s hard to find someone who fits me, and I don’t know if that’s because I have high standards, am fussy, or all three. Till I discover the one, I’m not in any hurry.

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Are Vinny Guadagnino and Akielia Rucker Still Together?

It Took Months Before Vinny and Akielia Could See Each Other in Person Again After Filming for Season 3 of Double Shot at Love Finished. So, What Is the Current Status of The Two?

Vinny and Akielia Aren’t Together, Unfortunately. the Jersey Shore Star Took to Social Media Just One Day After the Series Finale Aired to Let His Fans Know if The Couple Was Still Together.

Vinny Posted on His Instagram Stories, “last Night’s Finale Was Shot Seven Months Ago. There Has Been Continued Communication Between ‘ak’ and Myself. We’re Not Dating, but I’m happy to Call Her a Friend Because She’s so Rad. He Went on To Say that He Had an “open Heart and Mind” Going Into the Season in The Hopes of Finding “his Person.”

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Vinny Said that It’s Been Tough to Find a Genuine Connection Because of The Show’s Style. Writing on Speed Dating, He Called It a “crazy Social Experiment” to Try to Pair Individuals Off in Just a Few Weeks. and Then, to Avoid Spoiling the Show’s Ending, You Can’t Set Eyes on The Person You Choose for Seven Months (until the Finale).

He Went On, “I Enjoy that It Entertains People.” “While It Can Be a Good Place to Begin Your Search for Love, It Is by No Means a Foolproof Method. You Won’t Find Me on Any Tv Shows, but I Assure You I’m a Real Person. I’m Game to Take a Chance, Though!

Here’s Hope MTV Renews the Show so Vinny Can Try His Luck at Love Four Times!

Vinny and Akielia’s Double Shot at Love Journey

Moberly, Missouri Native Akielia Ak Rucker, 28, Is a Travel Nurse and Model. Her Acting Resume Also Includes Guest Roles on “wild ‘n’ Out” Seasons 15, 16, and 17.

the Year Was 2021, and Akielia Was a Contestant in The Third Season of “double Shot at Love” when She Met Vinny Guadagnino. They Hit It Off Right Away, and In Episode 2 of That Season, Vinny Shared His First Kiss with Akielia.

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Akielia, a Former College Basketball Player, Showed Off Her Dribbling Talents to Vinny During One of The Episodes. in Addition, Paula, Vinny’s Mom, Thought Akielia Was the Most Attractive and Intelligent of All the Contestants Since She Wanted to Settle Down and Start a Family.

Akila Was One of The Three Finalists of Season 3 Along with Emily “peachy” Piccinonno and Erika De Vito; Vinny’s Mother’s Selection Was Likely a Big Factor in His Attraction to Her.



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