“GanjaChicken”: How a Thai farm is using marijuana

A farm in northern Thailand has taken a revolutionary approach to their free range chickens by feeding them marijuana instead of antibiotics which have earned them the nickname “GanjaChicken”.

Research carried out by Chiang Mai University have analysed the farm which has fed 1,000 chickens marijuana as reported by Business Insider.

The results show positive signs with fewer than 10% have died since the scheme was introduced in January 2021.

Farmers have introduced the drug to the birds by adding crushed marijuana to their feed and water.

At the same time none of the chickens have received any antibiotics or medicines that are traditionally used.


The positive results haven’t stopped only at the health of the chickens. On the market the chickens are currently fetching double the regular price.

The chickens fed on marijuana are said to be more tender and have a better taste than the traditional chickens.

How the chickens respond to the marijuana or why is still a bit of an unknown with further research necessary.

The leader of the study, assistant researched Chompunut Lumsangkul said the chickens continued to exhibit “normal behaviour” throughout the study.

She also states that there is no risk of consumers getting high from the GanjaChicken as the THC within is fully metabolised by the chicken before they are killed.

Thailand has recently become the latest nation to legalise marijuana use although there still remains some uncertainty amongst its citizens over the benefits. It remains to be seen whether any other Asian nations follow suit.

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