Are Married At First Sight Star Bennett and Amelia Still Together After The Show?

Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi, a couple from season 11 of Married at First Sight, were a fan favorite, but they just broke up, so we should probably speak about what they’ve been up to since then. The odd couple managed to stay together for only a year before calling it quits.

You may read about everything that has happened between Bennett and Amelia ever since their breakup right here. In July 2020, Bennett and Amelia found one other on the hit TLC show Married at First Sight and quickly decided to tie the knot. Both oddballs and free spirits, the couple appeared made for one other.

Many MAFS watchers were relieved by the lack of tension they brought with them. Amelia and Bennett decided to stay together on Decision Day, the season finale, and Bennett even got a tattoo of Amelia’s initials to show his commitment.

Married At First Sight Amelia And Bennett

Amelia (also known as Amelia Fatsi) and Bennett (also known as Benett Kirschner) from Married at First Sight stood out from the other couples because of how different they were from one another. While Amelia was completing her medical residency, Bennett was a theatre artist.

Both from New Orleans, they’d run into each other before and experienced instant chemistry. When they first laid eyes on one other, they knew instantly that they were meant to be together. On the show, they became close, and when it was over, they remained so.

Are Bennett and Amelia Still Together in 2022?

Amelia’s residency status was the only stipulation. Bennett Kirschner was reluctant because he wasn’t sure if his theater company would relocate if she revealed she might have to leave town for her residency. They are a progressive marriage, and Amelia has said she wants a husband who stays at home.

Bennett has shown a desire to participate heavily in his kids’ daily activities. Actually, it looked like the couple was meant to be together. They are still together and living in Virginia in 2021. Bennett has moved on to work in solar energy, while Amelia is finishing up her residency.

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Bennett and Amelia Break up After 1 Year of Marriage

In what must be devastating news for fans of Married at First Sight, one of the show’s most popular couples has decided to divorce. A representative for the couple announced that Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi have divorced after only a year of marriage.

News has received court paperwork showing that the couple filed for divorce on October 14 in Virginia. While the specifics of the breakup are being kept hidden, everything points to it being amicable. Both parties are still Instagram followers of one another. Bennett and Amelia made their debut as a couple on season 11 of Married at First Sight, which aired in July 2020.

Amelia, a doctor, and Bennett, the creative director of a theater, both had similar goals: to find a lifelong companion in whom to raise a family. The couple met for the first time at the altar after being matched by the show’s resident specialists, including Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Cal Roberson, and Dr. Viviana Coles.

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Bennett and Amelia Where Are They Now?

The pair is currently residing in Virginia. They’ve been together for a long time and clearly still feel deeply for one another. Amelia is not a frequent user of social media, but she has shared a lot of content related to the virus and the vaccine. Bennett has developed a deep concern for the natural world.

A lot of his recent posts concern his work with solar energy. They made it through the transition to a new city together, and now they appear to be happier than ever. They are one of the few couples from the show to remain together after it ended. After all the turmoil of this season, the fans are glad for the romantic interlude.

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