Why so many people are cooking with cannabis

More and more people are cooking with cannabis due to the benefits it provides. Research has shown the positive outcomes that cannabis can provide and with this, people are wanting to experiment.

Apart from smoking cannabis, an effective and tasty way to consume the plant is to cook with it. For hundreds of years, people have cooked cannabis into sweet and savoury treats. But with cannabis becoming so popular people are wanting to learn new recipes and new ways to cook it.  


The benefits when it comes to cannabis and medical marijuana are endless. It helps relieve pain, reduce swelling, help with sleep and aid anxiety. When not taken for medical reasons, cannabis can be enjoyed recreationally to make a person feel relaxed and calm. However, if cannabis can be smoked, why do people choose to eat it in food instead? 

Cooking with cannabis is prefered by many because people know what is going into their edibles. Consuming edibles has proven to be a great and resourceful way to take cannabis. This is because the digestive system digests food at a slow place meaning the cannabis will be released slowly throughout the day. 

By doing this, the side effects last longer meaning costs are kept down as less dosage is needed. This also helps the body not become tolerant of cannabis. If the body becomes tolerant to a certain dosage it will need more in the future for it to be effective. This can then lead to health problems and addiction.

Cooking with Cannabis

There are lots of different ways and recipes to cook with cannabis. Cannabis-infused butter, cannabutter is one of the easiest ways to make and consume cannabis. In order to release the psychoactive component, the plant must be heated slowly at a low temperature. This component is what makes people feel ‘high’ and relaxed. 

The cannabutter can then be used in lots of things from spreading on toast to using it to bake with for caked and brownies. However, it is important to remember that cooking with cannabis needs accurate dosage and ingredients. If not, a person would not know the potency of their edible.


There isn’t a right or a wrong way to cook with cannabis and all recipes can be altered to fit certain wants and dietary needs. Cooking with cannabis is an easy, simple way to get the correct dosage of cannabis whilst enjoying the side effects it brings. However, It is advised to follow a recipe of a trusted website to make sure the correct measurement of cannabis is being used.

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