How Did Candy Montgomery Fare and Where Is She Now?

On Friday, June 13th, 1980, candy Montgomery murdered Betty Gore.

While Gore’s heart was still beating, Montgomery struck her with the ax 41 times, killing her.

Police in Wylie, Texas, arrested the housewife and accused her of murder, but throughout her trial, she maintained that she had acted in self-defense. Montgomery’s background and current whereabouts are detailed below.

Who Is Candy Montgomery?

Homemaker Candy Montogomery, Aka Candace Wheeler, Is a Famous American Celebrity. Specifically, She Was Accused of Killing Betty Gore, the Wife of Her Boyfriend. She Used an Axe that Was Three Feet Long to Attack Gore Forty-One Times. on June 13, 1980, the Aforementioned Incident Occurred in Whylie, Texas.

At the time of The Occurrence, Candy Was 30 Years Old. Pat Montgomery, an Electrical Engineer, Became Her Husband. She Was the Mother of Two Lovely Children: A Son and A Daughter. She Was a Faithful Member of Lucas’s First United Methodist Church, Just Like Any Other Christian Wife.

Where Is the Real Candy Montgomery Now?

On June 13, 1980, in Wylie, Texas, Candy Reportedly Visited Betty at Her Home. Betty Confronted Candy About Having an Affair with Her Husband Allan when They Were Both at The Party. According to Parade, Candy Started Dating Allan on December 12, 1978, Despite the fact that She Was Already Married and The Mother of Two.

They Were Together for Months Before He Finally Broke up With Her. While Betty Allegedly Pulled out An Ax, Candy Made No Denials About the Encounter. when Tensions Rose Rapidly, Candy Swung the Hefty Tool at Her 41 Times.

When Allan Went out Of Town for Work and Wasn’t Able to Contact Betty, He Asked a Neighbor to See if She Was Okay; the Neighbor Discovered Her Body. Candy Was Cleared of All Murder Charges on October 29, 1980, Despite Having Been Arrested and Charged with The Crime. at Trial, She Said She Had to Act in Self-Defense.

candy true story where is she now

Dr. Fred Fason, a Psychiatrist, Put Her Under Hypnosis and Discovered that Hearing Betty Tell Her to “push” Was a Traumatic Childhood Memory that Triggered a “dissociative Reaction.” It Has Been Said that Candy Had No Idea how Many Times She Struck Betty with The Ax.

The Trial Concluded with The Three Men and Nine Women Jury Finding Her Not Guilty of Murder. It’s Been Said that Candy and Her Husband Pat Uprooted from Wylie and Settled in Georgia. the Couple Reportedly Got a Divorce After Some Time. Candy Reportedly Still Resides in The Aforementioned Southern State, Albeit Under Her Married Surname Now, Wheeler. in Addition, She Is Rumored to Be Employed as A Therapist or Counselor in The Field of Mental Health.

Candy Takes Self-Defense Plea

In October 1980, Candy Montgomery Went on Trial for The Murder of Betty Gore, Claiming Self-Defense. After Eight Days, the Jury of Nine Women and Three Men Reached a Verdict in The McKinney Trial.

Rewinding to The Day of The Crime, It All Began when Candy Promised to Drive Betty’s Older Daughter, Alisa, to Her Swing Lesson the Following Day. While on Her Way to Pick up Alisa’s Bikini from The Gore’s, Candy and The Other Gore Wife Got Into an Argument About Candy’s Extramarital Romance with Allan.

Candy’s Lawyer, Robert Udashen, Said in Court that On the Day of The Altercation, Betty Had Retrieved an Axe from Her Garage and Used It to Attack Candy. During Their Struggle, Candy Overcharged Betty, Killing Her.

However, the Autopsy Revealed that Betty Suffered Axe Wounds While She Was Out Of It. Additionally, Betty Claimed that She Felt Obligated to Use an Axe Because Gore Had Just Attempted to Strike Her with The Same Weapon. Prior to Her Trial, Montgomery Took a Polygraph Exam, Which Confirmed Her Honesty.

However, Tom O’Connell, the District Attorney, Presented Compelling Evidence Suggesting that She Had an Opportunity to Elude Capture. He argued that The 41 Assaults Were Disproportionate and That Self-Defense Could Not Be Invoked in This Situation.

On October 30, 1980, District Judge Tom Ryan Ruled that Candy Montgomery Was Not Guilty of The Charge. Those with Rational Minds Were Shocked by This Verdict. Critics of The Verdict Yelled “murderer! Murderer!” as Candy Left the Courthouse After Her Acquittal. the Father of Betty Said:

When It Comes Down to It, I Know that Justice Will Be Done. She Just Has to Accept It… the Verdict Was Not Something I Was Particularly Pleased With. Nothing Has Been Explained, and Nothing Will Be Explained.

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Where Is Candy Montgomery Now?

When Questioned Why She Would Have an Extramarital Affair Despite Her Seemingly Perfect Family Life, Candy Gave No Clear Explanation. She Claimed that She Did Not Feel Anything During Her Affair with Allan. in Reality, She Just Did It to Spice up Her “very Boring” Marriage with Pat. She added that The Couple Intended to Stay Married.

Candy Could Be Found Not Guilty, but She Would Carry the Weight of That Decision with Her Always. as A Therapist for Adults and Adolescents, Her New Name Is Candace Wheeler.

Pat and Her Husband Split After the Trial and She Relocated to Georgia. It Has Been Confirmed by Several Sources that Candy Still Resides in The Lone Star State of Texas.

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About The Series

In 1984, Reporters John Bloom and Jim Atkinson Released “evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death in The Suburbs,” a Meticulously Researched Book on The Case. Useful Information from The Book Was Used Into Both of These Shows. So, What Do You Make of This Situation?

Candy, Available on Hulu, Presents This Gruesome Story in A “sepia-Toned” Fashion. in This Production, Jessica Biel Plays Candy, While Melanie Lynskey Plays Betty Gore. the Show Will Provide a Fresh Perspective on The Event, Even if It Happened Over Forty Years Ago.

The World Was Introduced to Candy for The First Time on May 9th, 2022. Michael Uppendahi, Who Also Helmed Mad Men and The Upcoming Film Candy, Has Said, “I Modify My Approach to Material Based on Anything that I Do.” Everything Here Is Different, Regardless of How Much Truth There May Be in It. It Makes You Use Muscles You Don’t Usually Use or Helps You Build Ones You Don’t yet Have.

However, Elizabeth Olsen Starred as Candy Montgomery in The Limited Series Love and Death on Hbo Max. the Series Was Written by Kelley and Is Based on Her Book Evidence of Love: A True Story of Passion and Death and A Collection of Essays Published in Texas Monthly with The Same Name (“love & Death on Silicon Prairie”).

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