When Noah Passed Away, How Old Was He?

In the pantheon of famous Bible trivia questions, “how old was Noah when he died?” is right up there with “how old was Methuselah?” Although it would be simple to provide a summary response, there is a substantial context that should be understood.

Understanding not just how old Noah was when he passed away, but also whether or not his longevity was exceptional for his generation, provides a window into life both before and after the flood.

Just How Old Was Noah When He Passed Away?

Because of The Family Tree Provided by Genesis 5–10, we can determine how Old Noah Was when he died and when He Was at Various Stages of His Life.

Lamech, the Son of Methuselah and The Grandson of Enoch, Fathered Noah, as Recorded in Genesis 5:28–30. in addition to Lamech’s Advanced Age when He Produced Noah (a Whopping 128), the Name Itself Is Thought to Be Derived from The Hebrew Word Meaning “relief” (genesis 5:29). when You Consider that Lamech Lived to Be 777 Years Old and Then Passed Away, You Get a Rough Estimate of 595 for Noah’s Age.

After Noah Had Lived for 500 Years, He Had His First of Three Sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth (5:32). According to The Order Given in Genesis, Ham Was the Youngest, While Japheth Was the Older Brother of Shem, According to Either Translation of Genesis 10:21.

Considering that Shem Was 100 Years Old When He Had His First Son (genesis 11:11), and That Noah Was 502 Years Old when Shem Was Born, It Is Clear that Shem Was Born After the Flood. in This Case, Japheth Was the Firstborn, with Shem Following Two Years Later.

After the Flood, Noah Lived Another 350 Years Before His Death at The Ripe Old Age of 950. (genesis 9:28-29). This suggests that He Lived Long Enough to Witness the Recovery of The Land After the Flood and The Procreation of All Three of His Sons. the Name “semite” Comes from His Son Shem, Who Began the Family Line that Would Eventually Lead to Abraham (descendants of Shem).

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When Noah Constructed the Ark, He Was Approximately How Old?

It’s a Common Misconception that Noah Spent 120 Years Building the Ark. the Number Mentioned in Genesis 6:3 Seems to Be the Source of The Confusion Here (more on That Later). in Genesis 7:6, We Learn that Noah Was 600 Years Old at The Time of The Flood.

Nowhere in The Bible Is It Specified how Old Noah Was when God Gave Him the Order to Construct Ark. Immediately Following the Account of Noah’s Progeny, Verses 5-8 of Genesis Detail how God Had Had Enough of Humanity’s Depravity and Sent a Flood to Wipe Them Out. if We Assume a Strict Chronology, Then God Decided to Destroy Humanity Once Noah Was 500 Years Old.

In the Account of God Sending Noah on A Mission, We Do Learn One Important Fact. After God Warns Noah that He Will Destroy Most of Humanity and Gives Him Instructions for Building the Ark, God Tells Noah to “enter the Boat—you and Your Wife and Your Sons and Their Wives” (genesis 6:18).

Consequently, by This Time, Not only Must Noah Have Had Sons, but His Sons Must Also Have Found Spouses. It Is Unclear how Long His Sons Had Been Married Before the Flood, as It Is Not Known Whether Japheth and Ham Began Bearing Children Before or After the Event.

Noah’s Sons Could Have Been Anywhere from Teenagers to Their 90s when Construction on The Ark Began, Given that Men in Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations Supposedly Could Father Offspring Well Past the Age of 100. to Put This in Perspective, if Noah’s Sons were Married While They Were in Their Twenties, He Would Have Had to Have Been at Least 520 Years Old.

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A Common Question About the Bible’s Pre-Flood Era Is Why Its Inhabitants Had Reached Such Advanced Ages.

I think that Eternal Life for Humans Was Always God’s Plan. when We Die, We’ll Go to A Place Where We Can Live Forever. when Noah Passed Away, What Age Was He? the Age of Noah Was 950 Years. After the Flood, There Was No Longer Any Evidence of Such Longevity. in Genesis 6, God Made This Declaration. I Think Our Limited Lifespan May Be Traced Back to The Introduction of Sin Into the World.

For Our Days Are Threescore and Ten; and If by Reason of Strength They Are Fourscore. We All Know that 20 Years Is a Score. It’s True that Most of Us Know Someone Who Is at Least 90 Years Old Who Has Survived to Be 100 or Beyond. Grace Is God’s to Bestow Whenever and However He Sees Fit. However, You Look at It, Following the Flood People’s Life Expectancies Dropped Dramatically.

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