This “Sneaky” De Santis Power Grab Could Be the Worst One Yet.!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been vehemently denying transgender medical care to two of society’s most vulnerable demographics—children and the poor—for months. He has not been alone in this, as Republicans around the nation embrace a diabolical counterattack against the transgender population and the science that backs it.

Some are concerned that DeSantis’ use of a power grab along the road may be emulated by other Republican governors, with terrible outcomes.

His government is simultaneously employing various state agencies to shut off what is termed to as “gender-affirming” care that aids trans persons in realizing their identities as part of DeSantis’ continuous MAGA battle against progressives. The governor turned to behind-the-scenes bureaucracy to achieve the same outcome when a far-right state legislator failed to pass an anti-trans bill earlier this year.

It’s the most recent example of DeSantis enacting crueler policies as he gains national recognition ahead of a potential 2024 bid for the White House.

But it also demonstrates how DeSantis differs from his presumed primary rival, former President Donald Trump, according to political experts. DeSantis is skilled at using the government’s apparatus to his advantage—and against the underprivileged.

“DeSantis is drafting a playbook for political ideology, and we’re concerned. These laws are against research and what state constituents want to be done with tax funds, thus legislatures are unable to adopt them. A human rights attorney with the advocacy group Lambda Legal, which is battling to overturn one of those rules, Carl Charles, predicted that governors would notice this and believe they could use it as a way to circumvent the democratic process.

The governor’s assault resembles a pincer motion. When the state’s Medicaid program for transgender health care was eliminated in August, his administration targeted the poor. It is also getting ready to forbid doctors from offering related therapies to children.

“They’re attempting to ruin us. They believe we are inferior to everyone. They believe that no one has any sympathy for us. Andrea Montanez, a trans woman who started her medical transition while working as a TSA supervisor at Orlando’s international airport and is now a human rights activist, stated, “Unfortunately, he’s targeting the youngest people.

Montanez is concerned that the state’s decision to deny insurance to some members of the transgender community may give insurance companies the confidence to follow suit.

In response to a request for comment for this article, the DeSantis administration did not respond.

Florida is currently utilizing its health care authorities to mislead the state’s transgender population—as well as the clinicians who specialize in the condition—by challenging the growing understanding of gender dysphoria among the world’s scientists.

The psychiatric manual of mental diseases defines this condition as the feeling of having a significant gender gap between one’s actual gender and the gender they are given at birth. The DeSantis administration has cited debunked or out-of-date scientific findings in official papers, but because this is all being handled by the executive branch, the governor still holds influence that he wouldn’t have in the legislature.

“I think the strategy makes sense. Tatiana Williams, a Black trans woman and the founder of the South Florida advocacy group Transinclusive Group, claimed that he would be in total control.

She referred to the agency representatives who put DeSantis’ plans into action by saying, “Most of those folks, he placed in place. “They get to set the needle exactly where he wants it. If he employed legislation, he would face opposition. People would conduct independent research and develop their own opinions.

She continued, “It saddens me that his own political ambitions are having an adverse effect on the mental health of our young and our trans siblings.

It’s simple to forget that DeSantis first professed libertarian leanings—and looked reluctant to squander taxpayer resources on culture battles—given the increasingly ardent tone of his ultra-conservative tendency.

At a forum held by the anti-gay marriage Florida Family Policy Council in May 2018, then-candidate DeSantis remarked, “Getting into bathroom battles, I don’t believe that’s a smart use of our time.”

But Early On, the Fissures Became Apparent.

Advocacy organizations were quick to note that newly-elected DeSantis left out sexual orientation and gender identity from an anti-discrimination executive order committing to government diversity during his very first days at the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee in 2019.

Then, in 2021, when Republicans all over the country declared war on transgender communities, DeSantis entered the conflict by enacting a law that forbade transgender girls from participating on sports teams.

This "Sneaky" Desantis Power Grab Could Be the Worst One Yet.!

The most extreme action to date took the shape of a bill introduced by far-right Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini, who was previously referred to as “the worst guy in the state” by the Orlando Sentinel. By criminalizing transgender medical care for kids, HB 211 aimed to actually imprison doctors—with some exclusions for people “born with a medically documented genetic abnormality of sex development.”

However, the rookie lawmaker made the idiotic choice to lambaste the Republican House Speaker and even DeSantis in his speech. This year’s March saw the demise of his bill.

However, in the background, the governor’s office took up the slack and continued pushing that agenda. The crackdown would continue, albeit with the aid of administrative procedures.

The Florida Department of Health entered the debate in April after DeSantis significantly damaged its credibility by advising against giving children the COVID-19 vaccine. By publishing a formal advisory stating that “social gender transformation should not be a therapy option for children or adolescents,” it set the ball rolling.

Dr. Joseph Ladapo, the state’s anti-COVID vaccine surgeon general, followed that up in June by formally requesting that “a standard of care for these difficult and irreversible procedures be established” by the state’s Board of Medicine.

A new rule that would restrict Florida’s Medicaid program from universally paying gender dysphoria therapies was abruptly floated by the state’s medical sector regulator, the Agency for Health Care Administration, at the same time. The state would stop funding treatments for people of any age, including sex reassignment surgery, hormone therapy, and puberty blockers for children.

On the same day as Ladapo’s letter, AHCA issued a report in support of its position, claiming to establish “commonly accepted professional medical standards” about gender dysphoria. A plastic surgeon and an obstetrician, respectively, Drs. Sara Danker and Lydia Fein, both professors at the University of Miami’s medical school, cautioned that it also “relies on distortion and disputed material.”

Two of Florida’s elected regional prosecutors pledged in a joint statement to utilize their law enforcement discretion and “not encourage the criminalization of gender-affirming health care or transgender people” in anticipation of the expected crackdown. Andrew Warren, one of them, was obliquely taken from his Tampa office for refusing to enforce the state’s new abortion law. However, the other, State Attorney Monique H. Worrell, is still employed in Orlando since she never formally declined to enforce a statute. Because the law was unsuccessful, the crackdown on transgender health care is not a criminal problem.

Instead, it keeps moving forward as a series of hastily implemented, imprecise, and highly technical DeSantis administrative actions.

He wants as many victories as possible because he plans to run for president, according to state representative Anna Eskamani (D-Orlando). He is an impostor populist. He has a history of using government organizations as weapons to further his agenda.

The new Medicaid rules, which were approved in August, were released on a government website that was mostly unknown to everyone save officials and supporters with little fanfare and no mention of their real contents in the description. The state’s medical and osteopathic medicine boards have held numerous public hearings and similarly released their new proposed rules online as the onslaught on doctors has continued. But by providing the incorrect email address, the Board of Osteopathic Medicine messed up the required 21-day feedback period.

The public now has until December 28 to respond after the state published the right email address on Wednesday.

Emile Fox, 28, Remarked, “it’s Unprecedented and Incredibly Sly.”

Nonbinary individual Fox claimed that she was motivated to speak out against the suggested limitations on doctors after attending multiple sessions of the medical board. And the very first meeting they attended served as a warning of what can occur if a physician violates any limitations that are devised.

“They risk having their license and practicing privileges revoked. The first gathering we attended covered more than simply trans health care. “A doctor was contesting the decision to revoke his license because he had a date rape medicine that he had prescribed put in someone’s drink,” Fox recounted.

The same judge who overturned Florida’s prohibition on same-sex weddings will preside over the trial in May 2023 in an effort to prevent Florida from restricting its Medicaid in this way. The lawsuit was filed by the LGBTQ civil rights organization Lambda Legal and others. The Southern Legal Counsel, another civil rights organization involved in that action, is also considering a potential defense against the medical board’s impending threat to doctor licenses.

The legislature, where a far-right member just assumed leadership of the committee that could be pivotal in pursuing the transgender community, Health, and Human Services, may represent the next stage of this government repression.

Rep. Randy Fine (R-Brevard), a well-known intimidator, is that lawmaker. He recently attempted to incite anti-trans hatred by publicly urging authorities to look into a trans girl who was allegedly beating up a girl in a school bathroom. No record of such an incident ever occurring exists.

Rep. Kelly Skidmore forewarned that “he will do whatever harm he can to health care while he is a chair” (D-Boca Raton). He can be sensible in a lot of situations, but when he is unreasonable, he acts devilishly.

DeSantis’ shadow war on the trans community will continue, according to advocates and lawmakers, regardless of how the legislative process plays out. Many members of the public may not have much time to weigh in before it’s too late. Skidmore believes that’s on purpose because it shields other Republicans from the fury of the electorate.

She told The Daily Beast that it keeps specific Republican lawmakers from having to vote on this legislation while still implementing the policy. “This governor has repeatedly shown that he is a bully and will get what he wants,” one person said.

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