Khalifa Kush, Wiz Khalifa’s Own Medical Marijuana Brand, Is Being Promoted While He Is in Town.

Monday afternoon, Wiz Khalifa rolled through Washington County to promote his own line of medical marijuana, and fans lined the streets to get a glimpse of him.

Khalifa posed with fans and advertised his Khalifa Kush brand outside the Trulieve Washington County dispensary.

“Simply to get together and show our appreciation to those that stand by us. Medical marijuana is an acceptable payment for my weed. Khalifa Because I want the individuals I care about most to experience the thrill of smoking the finest cannabis in the world, Kush, I have come to spread its popularity “Khalifa made these comments to Action News 4 in Pittsburgh.

The Man and His Product Drew a Crowd.

“He’s a big deal in his hometown. The citizens of Pittsburgh adore him. Consequently, I consider myself really fortunate to have met my idol and posed for a photo with him “According to Chris Gregorakis of Houston, Washington County. Harley Dyse, a resident of Brighton Heights, was also present.

Dyse Claimed That “Khalifa Kush, His Name Brand, Is in High Demand.”

Action News 4 in Pittsburgh wanted to know if Khalifa ever thought he’d see the day when he could sell his own branded marijuana product to the general public.

“In all honesty, I would. We’ve been much ahead of the curve because the laws have been shifting for a long time and the folks I do business with and who came up with the strain “A statement by Khalifa.

Is he optimistic that recreational marijuana users will be able to gain access to legal marijuana in this state?


Khalifa Kush, Wiz Khalifa's Own Medical Marijuana Brand, Is Being Promoted While He Is in Town.

“Definitely agree with that. In my opinion, it will reach far beyond the medical field. You may count on it to serve a recreational purpose. One day, it will be possible for people to grow it in their own homes, which is crazy. Gradually, then, “As Khalifa put it.

Wiz Khalifa Day was the day this happened. This week marks ten years since the Pittsburgh City Council presented an award to the 2006 Taylor Allderdice graduate for his continued dedication to his hometown.

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