Chris Long, The Super Bowl Champion, Discusses His Cannabis Use, how He Evaded NFL Drug Tests, and The Eagles’ Current Success.!

Nearly 40 miles north of Lincoln Financial Field, close to the Pennsylvania-New Jersey border, is a dispensary crowded with Philadelphia Eagles supporters hoping to see Chris Long, one of the team’s former stars who helped bring a Super Bowl trophy to the city. It’s an unseasonably warm, wet, and foggy night in December.

The 11-year defensive line veteran who retired in 2018 and was a key contributor to the Eagles’ inaugural Vince Lombardi Trophy victory in 2017 attended a meet-and-greet with fans on Wednesday night at Curaleaf in Bordentown, New Jersey.

Long spoke to Fox News Digital in an interview from inside the cannabis dispensary, which has a sizable menu for both recreational and therapeutic users. “It’s been a few years since I was on the team, but I still feel welcome when I come back,” Long said.

“And that’s very important to me since my main goal when I first arrived here was to win over the supporters. I just feel really lucky to be a part of this squad and have the utmost respect for the fan support. It’s wonderful to return and feel positive energy. You know, it’s the best part of being a champion.”

After spending one season with the New England Patriots and eight years with the St. Louis Rams, Long signed with the Eagles. He was selected in the second round of the 2008 draft. He had 28 tackles, five sacks, and four forced fumbles when he signed with the Eagles in 2017. He had 23 tackles, 6.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, and two sacks in 2018.

Long has shifted his position from opponent to supporter of marijuana use, particularly for pain relief. He admitted to using marijuana first to aid with sleep to Fox News Digital.

“I truly turned to cannabis because of sleep. So, for me, it was sleeplessness, sleeping medications, and other forms of unpleasant side effects, all of which had a detrimental overall impact on my mental health and sleep in general “says he.

“And the day I stopped smoking marijuana for recreational purposes was the happiest day of my life. I thought, “Oh, I can use this plant in a real way.” Making that decision was such a game-changer for me since this is something that is so practical for me. I enjoy using cannabis for a variety of other reasons as well. But sleep was what really turned me on.”

In the past, Long has admitted to using marijuana to manage his discomfort and promote sleep when he was playing. When it came to failed drug tests for marijuana, the NFL was much stricter. Long argued that while it was possible to avoid drug tests since players knew when they were scheduled, it was difficult to maintain a clean lifestyle in the days and weeks preceding the test.

Regarding the drug tests, Long stated, “You know when they are.” “I was honestly at my worst during the two weeks I needed to abstain from cannabis before my exam since I wasn’t able to get any rest. I was worried.

All the pressures of a professional football season, which was often approaching since training camp was typically where we were put to the test. Those issues were starting to bubble up. I missed being able to unwind after a long day of exercise and the like. So it was much better as soon as I was tested. You can then begin, and you sort of know when to quit.

“The threshold has been raised, making it simpler to circumvent. But I do believe it is crucial to eradicating the stigma associated with sports. Like we’re generally eradicating the stigma. You have to utilize it wisely, after all.

But we shouldn’t be frightened of it. It is something that many people use as a tool. And as an athlete, that applied to me. I believe that reducing the stigma associated with being an athlete, since the general public perceives us as being these physical specimens of perfection, is important.”

Long stated today that marijuana use isn’t exclusively for pain relief. He claimed he took the drug, among other things, to help cure his own social anxiety and that he preferred a joint to a few glasses of wine.

He explained to Fox News Digital, “I’m using it for social anxiety because whenever I go somewhere, everyone else will be having three or four drinks or something, and I’m not really into, you know, going to a dinner party and having 4-6 back. “Before I leave, I’d like to smoke a joint in the parking lot. And because I drink 1-2 glasses of merlot or whatever every day, for me.

Consequently, it sometimes has that effect. It will occasionally aid me in my work in some way. Depending on how I utilize it, it may occasionally assist me in maintaining my attention on what needs to be maintained before aiding in sleep.

Since this is powerful material and a powerful answer, it is really up to individuals to decide how to proceed properly and carefully. Additionally, you must just consider what’s appropriate for you when you enter the situation. I would converse in that manner with another player, athlete, or person.”

One of the obstacles Long and other sportsmen must overcome is the stigma associated with marijuana use. Despite the fact that the Super Bowl was held in the Los Angeles region and recreational marijuana is legal in California, WeedMaps was not allowed to run a commercial during the game.

People Simply Being More Open About Marijuana Usage, According to Long, Would Be One Step in The Right Direction to Ending the Stigma.

“I believe it is simply a result of people being honest about how they conduct their lives. It’s something I’ve discussed openly with no shame for me “said he. “Someone inside said, “Thank you for attempting to work on the stigma by showing up here,” as I was speaking with them. I’m a businessman, a husband, and a father. I embody each of these. I produce podcasts. I have a solid base.

“I smoke marijuana while managing all of these things. Speaking aloud makes it sound ridiculous, yet that’s where we are. It seems like stereotypes are part of who people are. And marijuana has a role in my life.

That is a routine in their lives, just as someone else might have another one. And it really does help me. In order to normalize it, I believe more people who are athletes and of a similar caliber simply talk about it. And it’s not like a huge, terrifying thing. It’s merely a blip in my life.”

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One More American Is Detained in Russia on Drug-Related Charges.!

One More American Is Detained in Russia on Drug-Related Charges.!

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