A Marijuana Vending Machine Might Revolutionise the Market in Multiple Ways!

Marijuana vending machine could change the industry in more than one way

A vending machine for marijuana is being heralded as a first of its type.

Marijuana items will soon be available for purchase from vending machines at Terrapin Care Station, much like soda and snacks like chips and candy.

It’s the result of a partnership between a dispensary and BMC Universal Technologies, a vending machine manufacturer based in Canada.

Peter Marcus, of Terrapin Care Station, explained, “We kind of worked with them on our know-how of the industry, they worked with us on the know-how of the vending machine: operations and logistics itself.”

Showing identification at the register is still required. When you get to the machine, you won’t put down your identification.

Place it in a slotted holder, and scans it,” Marcus explained. This verifies the authenticity of the ID. This ID will definitely match you because we have a camera.”

The ID is compared to your face using a webcam. After that, you can begin the deal.

Marcus explained, “You enter your selections on the digital screen, what you’re looking for, pay for the product, and then it starts vending.”

The vending machine is hailed as the wave of the future in the cannabis industry due to its ability to store and transport perishable goods in a cool environment.

Because you utilize a camera to verify the driver’s license, this system is “truly the future of cannabis compliance.” Marcus remarked that this provided “an extra safeguard.”

It is the long-term goal of the dispensary to mass-produce and commercialize these devices. Marcus said that advance purchases have been made.

We’re hoping to pitch this idea to other pot shops. We don’t intend for this to be a purely Terrapin offering. Marcus stated, “The point is to get this out there.”

Currently, just the Aurora, Colorado, site of Terrapin Care Station has a machine, but more are on the way.

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