The Kansas Senate Holds Hearings on Medical Marijuana as Activists Become Impatient!


More than $8 million was spent on recreational marijuana in Missouri in only the first week it was available to consumers earlier this month. There are now four in the medical field.

Kimberly Krueger and other medical marijuana activists in Kansas who live in other states see this as a portent of things to come. I believe they are friendly to visitors from Kansas. I’ve seen a lot of money leave the state, and it looks like it will keep on leaving.

If voters in Oklahoma approved State Question 820, recreational marijuana laws will be in effect in three states by the end of the week: Missouri, Colorado, and maybe Oklahoma.

Kansas, on the other hand, is one of only a handful of states where marijuana use is illegal. Frustrating, in Krueger’s words. It’s not just you, Kansans are frustrated too.

The Kansas Senate Committee on Federal and State Affairs will host two days of hearings on medicinal marijuana legalization this coming Wednesday and Thursday. This is the first time the issue has been discussed in this session.

To gain a hearing this session has taken so long, according to Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau, the top Democrat on fed and state. “Kansas, you know, we’re kind of delayed on things sometimes, and you know, we hear about it all the time where people are crossing the state line to get those stuff,”

Even though the session is halfway through, she believes there is pressure to get things done because of the possibility that three states surrounding Kansas would have recreational marijuana. As one lawmaker put it, “A bill can be developed swiftly and introduced and debated before the session is ended.”

That is what Krueger is praying for. “It’s time for them to take action. I, like many patients, have grown weary of the waiting game. It’s unclear how often, or for how long, we’ll have to break the disappointing news to patients who are currently on the waiting list.

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