Several Industrial-Scale Illegal Marijuana Cultivation Facilities Are Destroyed!


According to the San Bernardino Police Department, several large-scale illicit marijuana growth operations have been uncovered and shut down recently.

The San Bernardino Police Department’s Southern and Central District Resource Officers supported the California Bureau of Cannabis Control in serving five search warrants linked to illegal marijuana growing and distribution.

The authorities not only seized the marijuana, but also a pressurized honey oil extraction facility that used butane.

Total destruction of 6,572 plants, recovery of 812 pounds of marijuana, and seizure of over $2,000 in cash. The valuation on the street was predicted to be around $2.5 million.

San Bernardino Code Enforcement, San Bernardino Animal Control, the California Department of Cannabis Control, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Department of Tax and Fee Administration, the United States Army National Guard, and Southern California Edison all contributed to the investigation and warrant service.

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