Is ‘The Town’ American Crime Thriller Film Based On A True Story?

Who Is the Town Based On

The Town is a 2010 American crime thriller film written by Ben Affleck, directed by Affleck, and starring Affleck. The film is based on Chuck Hogan’s 2004 novel Prince of Thieves. It’s crucial that we find out if The Town is based on a genuine story or not.

The Town is an engrossing crime drama that keeps you interested from the opening scene to the final credits. Since the film downplays the significance of its heists in favor of focusing on its characters and its set Charlestown situation, it does not feel like your normal heist picture.

The story’s characters are so well-developed, and the actors play them so convincingly, that you could start to question if they’re based on actual individuals. In addition, the film’s setting in Charlestown raises questions about whether or not it is based on a genuine narrative or actual crimes that occurred in the Boston area.

Is The Town Based on A True Story?

No actual events inspired “The Town.” The movie’s opening sequence was inspired by Chuck Hogan’s The Book of Thieves. The tale, first reported in The Boston Globe in 1995, begins with the claim that Charlestown is the most often targeted location in the United States by armored vehicle robbers. The FBI has given the data used to draw this conclusion for the time period in question.

Who Is the Town Based On

It premiered at the Venice Film Festival on September 8 and hit theaters across the United States on September 17. Movie directors, writers, editors, and actors (particularly Renner) were all lauded by critics; it earned $154 million worldwide.

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The Plot of The Town

Four buddies from Boston’s Charlestown, Douglas “Doug” MacRay, James “Jem” Coughlin, Albert “Gloansy” MacGloan, and Desmond “Dez” Elden, heist a bank. Claire Keesey, the bank manager, is taken prisoner by Jem despite Doug’s protests. After that, she lets her go without hurting her in any way.

Doug begins following Claire after discovering that she lives in their neighborhood. He wants to find out how much information she has given to the police and make sure that Jem’s explosive temper doesn’t discredit her as a witness. The two quickly fall in love, a fact that Doug does his best to conceal from the rest of the gang.

Who Is The Villain in The Town?

Despite his friendly exterior, Fergus “Fergie” Colm is malicious. A major bad guy in The Town is Fergie, played by Pete Postlethwaite. He’s a local hoodlum who hires Doug and his crew to help him rob banks. One would have to work hard to argue that he is not the least popular character in the film. His most remembered interaction with Fergie is a perfect example of his villainy.

The Town is a riveting crime drama that also has a touching story about friendship and devotion. The film’s plot is multifaceted and exciting because of the way it combines the gangster elements of Heist films with the drama of its characters.

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Where Was the Last Scene of The Town Filmed?

Charlestown, a district in Boston, served as the location for the film’s climactic sequence. This historic district in Boston has been used as the setting for countless movies and TV shows over the years due to its abundance of colonial-era landmarks. Starring Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, and Rebecca Hall, The Town is a 2010 crime drama film directed by Affleck and starring Affleck.

Who Is the Town Based On

The film follows a gang of Charlestown-based thugs as they deal with the complications that occur when one of their numbers (Affleck) falls in love with the bank manager (Hall) being held hostage during a heist. At the end of the movie, Affleck and Hamm’s characters get into a firefight with the police, and Affleck’s character dies.

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