Is ‘Scarface’ Hollywood Movie Based on Real-Life of Tony Montana?

Who Is Scarface Based On

Scarface is one of the best gangster movies ever made in Hollywood, and it was written by Oliver Stone and directed by Brian De Palma. The film follows Tony Montana (Al Pacino), a schizophrenic Cuban exile who, upon arriving in America, works as a dishwasher at a Miami restaurant until eventually rising to the position of a powerful drug lord.

The film was met with a lukewarm response upon its initial release in 1983, with many viewers turning away from it because of the graphic depictions of violence and heavy drinking. However, over time it has been widely recognized as one of the most famous Hollywood films of all time.

There’s tons of cocaine, a plethora of slang words, opposing gang leaders brandishing chainsaws, and merciless killings. Al Pacino’s suitably fiery and expressionless performance is, nevertheless, the icing on the cake. But if you’re wondering if Tony Montana was inspired by a real-life mob boss, you’re covered.

Is Scarface Based on a True Story?

Scarface is inspired by real events, at least in part. This crime thriller is based on the 1932 film “Scarface: The Shame of the Nation.” Classic Hollywood filmmaker Howard Hawks drew inspiration for his film adaptation of Armitage Trail’s namesake novel. The film’s screenplay was written by Ben Hecht, who also authored the scripts for “It’s a Wonderful World” and “Notorious” (both directed by Alfred Hitchcock).

Who Is Scarface Based On

Audiences will be surprised to learn that the story is based on the real-life mobster Al Capone in the United States. Al Capone’s nickname was “Scarface,” and he was a real-life drug kingpin. Pacino saw the original at the Tiffany Theater on Sunset Boulevard, where he fell in love with the film immediately.

The two then started working on the script when he pitched the notion of a remake to producer Martin Bregman. Sidney Lumet came on board to direct. Because of their collaboration on ‘Dog Day Afternoon,’ Lumet and Pacino were already familiar with one another, and in ‘Scarface,’ Pacino maintains the manic wrath of the Lumet film.

Who Is Scarface Based On

The role of Tony Montana was first offered to Robert De Niro, who declined it despite Pacino’s unwavering desire for the part. Al Pacino, with his stoic demeanor and authentic-sounding Spanish accent, was cast as the lead, though.

It’s a Remake of An Old-School Gangster Classic

When did the first Scarface come out, and what was it like? The Shame of a Nation (1932) is the source material for this film, as stated by Britannica. The plot of this 1932 film is inspired by the life of American gangster Al Capone.

The plot summary of The Shame of a Nation focuses on the lives and misdeeds of a self-made mobster named Tony Camonte. To go to the top of Chicago’s gangster food chain, Camonte has been methodically eliminating his rivals.

Tony Montana was loosely based on Al Capone

Do you think Al Capone inspired Scarface? Maybe, but probably not completely. There are certain similarities between Montana and Al Capone, yet the two may be separated. Tony Montana was the crime boss in Miami, while Al Capone was the boss in Chicago.

Who Is Scarface Based On

In the real world, who would you say played Scarface? A facial scar gives credence to the idea that Al Capone was the inspiration for Scarface. After a bar fight in 1917 left a scar on Al’s face, the public began to refer to him by his now-famous moniker.

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Oliver Stone’s inspiration for Tony’s name was NFL

American writer-director-producer-editor-actor William Oliver Stone is most well-known for his version of Scarface. He gained fame for creating the iconic figure Tony Montana. Do you have any idea where the writer obtained the moniker Tony Montana, though?

Screen Rant claims that former NFL quarterback Joe Montana was an inspiration for Oliver. The writer had such a strong impression of Montana that he gave the character his name.

Scarface Was Filmed in Many Locations

Where did they actually shoot the scenes for Scarface? The film was reportedly shot all across the United States, including in West Hollywood, Santa Barbara, Beverly Hills, Miami Beach, and New York City, as stated by Lat Long.

Who Is Scarface Based On

After the Scarface producers were denied a filming permit by the Miami Tourist Board, they were forced to shoot much of the picture in Los Angeles. The application was denied because the board thought that the film’s depiction of dr*gs and crime would discourage visitors.

The Dr*gs Used in The Film Were Not Real

Which drugs did they utilize in Scarface? The drug of choice for the Montana Cartel was cocaine. But IMDb claims that the powdered milk was actually used in place of coke in the movie. In the film, the collapse of Tony Montana and Elvira was precipitated by their heavy use of the dangerous stimulant dr*g.

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Steven Spielberg directed a single shot

Screen Rant claims that Steven Spielberg oversaw the police raid on Tony Montana’s house. The skilled cameraman caught the intruders using grappling hooks to gain entry to Tony’s house from below.

The Film Has a Lot of Swearing

Who Is Scarface Based On

If you counted them all, how many F-bombs would you find in Scarface? At 1.21 F-bombs per minute, the film features 207 total usages of the f-word, as reported by IMDb.

 Pfeiffer’s Casting Was Controversial

Pfeiffer, an American actress, portrayed Elvira Pacino, the character played by Al Pacino’s wife. She wasn’t even considered for the part at first. Cheat Sheet claims that Pfeiffer’s fame was the source of some of the backlash she received for playing Elvira.

In the 1980s, the actress was largely unknown because she had only appeared in a handful of low-budget films. However, she was hired following a successful screening.

Al Pacino Was Not Originally Considered for The Role

Even though Al Pacino came up with the idea for the remake, he may not have been cast in it at all, claims Complex. When previously considered for the part of Tony Montana, Robert De Niro instead denied the offer.

Who Is Scarface Based On

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The Chainsaw Scene Was Based on A Real-Life Event

If you watched the movie, the chainsaw sequence may have left you with a lasting impression. Hector the Toad, a Colombian drug dealer, tries to scare Tony off by showing him a video of himself dismembering Angel, a Cuban drug dealer, with a chainsaw.

Did that terrible thing really happen? Screenwriter Oliver Stone reportedly used FBI and DEA databases to write the story, as reported by AMC. Because of this, he learned details about the prevalence of gang violence and torture.

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