Did Love is Blind’s Star Mallory And Sal Still Together After The Finale?

The love between Mallory Zapata and Salvador “Sal” Perez is only one of the many subplots in season two of Netflix’s reality romance series Love Is Blind that has us guessing. The couple clicked instantly and deeply, but things began to go downhill when they finally met outside of the pods and Sal realized that Mallory’s relationship with Jarrette might not be completely gone after all.

The couple’s relationship status remained a mystery throughout the season. Learn about Mallory and Sal and their history here. (May I refer to them as Malcolm and Samuel? MalSal?) Although it should go without saying: Warning: the following contains major Love Is Blind season 2 spoilers, including whether or not the protagonists tied the knot in the series conclusion.

Who Are They?

The second season of Love Is Blind has Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez as participants. Chicago native Mallory, 32, works in communications as a manager. Chicago, Rosie’s mom, Family, friends, food, fashion, youth champion; that’s what her Instagram bio reads. On February 11 she posted a photo to her grid including the pod females.

A Chicago native, Salvador is 31 years old and works as an administrative assistant for a company’s upper management. “El Paso, TX Chicago, IL Musically inclined - Is love really blind?” it reads on his Instagram bio. ‘Pov you tell the producers you play the ukulele once,’ Sal captioned his most recent Instagram image, alluding to the show.

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Are Sal and Mallory Still Together?

On the 25th of February, Sal gave an interview with Us Weekly in which he discussed his wedding. “I was on an emotional roller coaster [at the wedding], ” he said. I felt everything and tried to comprehend all that we had been through together. He elaborated, “I was really just kind of summarizing it in my thoughts, and I knew that at that moment of my wedding, I simply wanted to make that choice with her.

I was curious about my emotions at the time I was with her. That was one wild day. Given different circumstances, it’s easy to imagine Sal saying “I do” to Mal that day. Also, Sal expressed remorse for not being more expressive with his feelings throughout the show.

“I wish I would’ve, maybe, [had] those raw, emotional disagreements a little bit more with Mallory,” he told Us Weekly. To paraphrase, “I feel that those are crucial to our story and I just believe that maybe a little bit more of it would’ve been wonderful.” Sal also dropped the hint, “I am quite happy.”

when asked about his current state of mind after the events of Love Is Blind. And I’m sure Mallory feels the same way. Maybe that means they hooked up in the end. Mal and Sal appear to follow one other on social media despite the fact that they have not exchanged any information about themselves.

Mallory announced her participation in the upcoming season of Love Is Blind on Instagram on February 1. Sal said “Getting it Mal” with some fire and applause emojis, which we take to be supportive rather than amorous, and he was lurking in the comments.

Sal gave off the impression that he was seeing someone else over the summer of 2021, and Instagram didn’t offer him much else in the way of clues. Perhaps he was just out with his pals. There was no sign of Mallory either way.

Some viewers may have been relieved that Sal and Mal never made it to the altar. The fact that Sal’s irate ex-girlfriend turned up at his sister’s house during filming has led some to speculate as to whether or not the two are back together.

Did They Finally Tie the Knot?

So now here’s where it gets exciting: The February 25 season finale did not feature a wedding between Mallory and Salvador Perez. In the end, it was Sal who decided to cancel the ceremony. He expressed his love for Mallory at the ceremony, but then he remarked, “I cannot. My only thought is, “I need more time.” Sal then expressed his regret to Mallory’s loved ones and reaffirmed his belief that he simply required more time.

After everyone had departed the ceremony, Mal and Sal made some brief remarks that left the (very) slightest of openings for further developments. From what they said to each other during the episode, a real relationship with dates looked plausible, however, they might just as well have decided to end things for good.

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What Happened in The Love Is Blind Finale?

Popular picks It was one of the most touching scenes at the altar as Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez said their vows. The couple decided against getting married, but they handled the situation with nothing but respect. Sal even spoke to Mallory’s loved ones to let them know how much she meant to him.

Sal was the one to finally break the news to Mallory that he couldn’t go through with the wedding. My only thought is, “I need more time.” After the ceremony, Mallory and Sal had a talk, suggesting that Mallory understood and accepted Sal’s decision.

Mal and Sal seemed to be on good terms by the end of the Love Is Blind finale, however, it was unclear if they were going to stay together. The fact that Sal proposed they go on a date away from prying eyes and Mal accepted makes us question if they went on any actual dates.

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