Where Is Rick Singer Now? What Happened To Him After Operation Varsity Blues?

A time when we were completely captivated by the Chicken Sandwich Wars and the precise meaning of the Latin phrase “quid pro quo”? What about Anna Delvey, a local con artist, and her struggles, and Chris Evans’ cable knit sweater? Perhaps the epidemic has made my memory a nebulous, dreamy slurry of events, to the point where I find these storied historical occasions to be as distant as if they happened in another universe.

What I do remember, however, is the topic of a new Netflix documentary of the same name: the FBI’s sting named Operation Varsity Blues(opens in new tab). It’s been almost two years to the day since the scandal first came to light, and I must say that it’s been a joy to see the privileged class commit petty white-collar crimes for their own egos’ sake.

Seriously, did you have to bribe your kids’ way into Stanford, USC, or Georgetown? It’s strange how they didn’t believe in their children, and it’s awful that they’re so focused on getting their child into a top institution even if he or she will probably never work. However, I must depart from the topic at hand.

Who is Rick Singer?

Sources claim that the Rick singer was born around 1960 in Santa Monica. He was always active, and he continued that trend at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. His “ultra-competitive streak” made him a “lightning rod on campus,” and he became a part of the basketball and baseball teams. The singer used this drive to launch a coaching career at Sierra Institution, a junior college in the Sacramento area in the 1980s.

The singer allegedly began his career in college recruiting at Sierra. During an interview with the Auburn Journal in 1988, columnist Jeff Caraska told USA Today that Singer “was pushing the idea to parents that ‘I can get their kid’s name out there and boost their chances of winning a Division I or Division II scholarship.'”

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Where Is Rick Singer Now?

In any case, despite filmmaker Chris Smith’s attempts to recruit Singer for the Netflix documentary, Singer has rejected his invitation to take part. Smith said of him in an interview with Vanity Fair: “He was such a mystery.” “He was just such an elusive human being,” Chris Smith remarked.

It was tough to learn without doing an interview or speaking directly with him, in my opinion. Ultimately, I believe we wanted viewers to draw their own opinions about the subject of the film by providing as much background material as possible.

According to AZ Central’s reporting, he enrolled at Grand Canyon University again but left in the summer of 2018. (opens in new tab). You can get into college without resorting to dishonest means, but I guess I’m glad this controversy highlighted how far some spoiled elites will go to keep their reputations intact.

What Did Rick Singer Do?

William “Rick” Singer, the company’s CEO, is at the core of the entire controversy. Before becoming a college counselor, he was a coach at Sacramento State from 1988 until he was sacked after an awful season. This was reported by the Sacramento Bee.

When he realized that a student may get into college with little effort by bribing a coach or a college sports program and cheating on the SAT/ACT, his once-legitimate business venture took a turn for the criminal. Where is Rick Singer today, following his alleged involvement in such massive amounts of illicit corruption, insane levels of avarice, and mountainous kickbacks?

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Is Rick Singer in jail?

Though I have no vested interest in incarceration, it seems to me that a man who paid universities millions of dollars from over 750 families should be behind bars. William “Rick” Singer, the plot’s alleged architect, has been acquitted so far.

Why? Well, one of Singer’s paid college administrators flipped and became an informant once the FBI and IRS learned of Singer’s “consulting” firm through an unrelated securities investigation. When the FBI finally caught Singer,

he decided to turn informant on all of his clients until the charges against them were resolved. Although the disgraced coach pled guilty in 2019, his trial will not take place until after he has finished working with federal prosecutors. We can only speculate as to when it might occur.

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