Have We lost EDP445? What Happened to EDP445?

YouTube fame is still in its infancy, but the site’s biggest stars have already faced significant backlash. Your slide from internet fame could happen at any time. Inquire of EDP445.

That’s exactly what went on with the popular YouTube vlogger, who’s been falling from grace on the internet and gaining a lot of attention over the past year. But who exactly is this EDP? When did he start getting so huge, and what the heck did happen to him?

That’s the mystery we’re going to solve right now. Consider the recent decline of EDP 445.

The Mystery of EDP445 Continues.

“EatDatP*ssy” (or “EDP445”) is the username of a popular YouTube vlogger, activist, and gamer who is best known for his unwavering support of the Philadelphia Eagles. His obscene comments about the team helped him attain notoriety.

Bryant Turhan Emerson Moreland is the true identity of EDP. He entered this world on December 15, 1990, and on June 13, 2010, he made his debut video on YouTube.

His extensive history of YouTube channels spans years. Let’s examine his past posts more closely to learn more about how he become so popular online.


Reportedly, Bryant Moreland’s debut video was a freestyle rap he delivered when he was a teenager. He made his debut film about the Philadelphia Eagles, a victory over the Washington Redskins, on November 16, 2010.

Since then, EDP445 has become well-known in the sports world for its obnoxious and profanity-laced Eagles-related videos. In addition to weekly previews, he also frequently posted videos after each game the Eagles played.

Aside from the aforementioned films, EDP 445 also produced some more discussing the Eagles’ offseason transactions, general growth, and other topics such as the draft. On rare occasions, he would stray from discussing football to instead discuss other leagues, the NBA in particular.

Have We Lost EDP445?

No credible news outlets have reported the death of the popular YouTuber known as EDP445. Because of the content, he provided and the events surrounding him, YouTuber EDP445 became a phenomenon among his fellow creators and among Netizens.

Although no official word has been made public, the search term “is EDP445 dead” continues to receive traffic if his fame warrants it. Despite its notoriety, EDP445 has largely disappeared after the events of EDP445.

In reality, most of the social media platforms where videos might be created no longer have access to EDP445, leaving a gaping hole. Even people who had no prior knowledge of what had occurred to EDP445 started to worry whether or not he or she was still alive.

What Happened to EDP445?

Not much is known about EDP445 at the moment, however back when he was active on YouTube and other social media sites, he admitted that he was from Bakersfield, California.

In April 2021, EDP445 was banned from YouTube and other video-posting social media sites, and following this, there was no news regarding EDP445 for some time which was what drove his admirers to wonder if is EDP445 dead and where is EDP445 today.

Even though EDP445 was recently spotted on TikTok, where he had uploaded a few videos, many users are worried that he may be banned from that platform as well.

How Much Does EDP445 Stand?

Many people have wondered, after seeing him in his rant videos and vlogs on his YouTube channel, how tall is EDP445.

This question has been trending alongside the more general ones of “is EDP445 dead” and “where is EDP445 now.” After taking one look at his towering stature, it’s only natural for onlookers to wonder how tall EDP445 is. According to our research, EDP445 is around 65 years old, and he is 6 feet and 1 inch tall.

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Can Anyone Tell Me What Happened To EDP445?

Since EDP445 was caught grooming a child and engaging in pedophile acts, he has been permanently banned from all major social media sites, including YouTube. He even confirmed it himself in a video posted to YouTube, saying that he was looking for a nonexistent 13-year-old girl to hang out with.

According to his sources, he also sent this fictitious 13-year-old sexually graphic photos, videos, and messages. As a result of this, his video was taken down from YouTube. Several other popular social networking sites were also taken down. The public had assumed that after this EDP445 worked as a food courier.

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The Final Chapter: EDP445

The mysteries surrounding EDP445‘s demise, her current whereabouts, and her ultimate fate have been solved. Wait, who is EDP445, and does he go by EDP445 in real life? This person’s social media handles are not @EDP445 but rather No EDP445.

The real identity of EDP445 is Bryant Turhan Emerson Moreland; he was born on December 15, 1990, making him about 31 years old. The American YouTuber behind the rant and vlog channels also has a food and a gaming channel. Since EDP445 has been noticeably absent from social media, many have wondered, as we saw above, whether or not he is still alive.

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