Tree of Knowledge hands it to Jamaica

A Canadian medical cannabis and CBD company has teamed up
with Jamaican researchers to enter the Caribbean market.

Tree of Knowledge will be introducing chronic pain
management protocols and research in conjunction with the Caribbean Institute
of Pharmacy Policy (CIPPPAR).

The two organisations will undertake clinical trials and research that will include the usage of specific strains of cannabis that aid in chronic pain and cancer treatments.

They aim to work with the indigenous communities in Jamaica to identify these strains. 

Medical tourism

A press release states that Tree of Knowledge and CIPPPAR will work together to develop a medical tourism facility in Jamaica to carry out clinical trials and provide pain management services

The partnership will also create certification and training opportunities for Caribbean doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other medical professionals.

Cannabiscan aid in chronic pain and cancer treatments

Jamaica’s Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Audley Shaw said Jamaica is positioned to play a leading role globally in the development of value added medical cannabis and CBD products.

He said: “We welcome companies such as Tree of Knowledge who
are committed to invest and transfer knowledge to our leading researchers in
Jamaica on the reduction of opioids through cannabis.”

In August the government of Jamaica announced a major evaluation of medical cannabis.

The Scientific Research Council (SRC) is undertaking extensive trials and tests, particularly into the drug’s effectiveness in the treatment of cancer.

“We are very excited with this opportunity to
strategically partner with CIPPPAR to help facilitate our shared vision of
bringing together expert clinical knowledge, process expertise and available
resources to improve the quality of healthcare to patients in
Jamaica,” said Gary Prihar, President of Clinical Operations at Tree
of Knowledge.

Ellen Grizzle, the former Dean of the University of
Technology and head of CIPPPAR, said: “This is a significant first step that
will lead to future business opportunities throughout the Caribbean.”

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