Testing lab shut down over contaminated weed

A cannabis testing lab in Las Vegas has been shut down after it approved products with unacceptable levels of mould, yeast, bacteria and fungus.

Cannex Nevada, an independent marijuana testing facility in Las Vegas has been closed effective immediately pending review of its lab practices, announced the State of Nevada Department of Taxation.

The Department is urging consumers who have purchased the
affected marijuana listed in the advisory to avoid consuming the products.

Consumption of the affected marijuana should particularly be avoided by individuals with suppressed immune systems, it added.

The dispensaries the weed was supplied to. They are believed not to have known about the contamination

Two products contained three times the amount of allowable
yeast and mould and restricted forms of fungus and bacteria were found in the

No illnesses have been reported because of the tainted marijuana at this time, according to the department.

The affected cannabis was cultivated by Nevada Group
Wellness, ACC Enterprises, and Integral Cultivation, and harvested between
March 2019 and October 2019.

The affected marijuana was sold in the form of flower and pre-rolls between October 5 2019 – December 27 2019 at dispensaries around Las Vegas.

Products will be sent for additional testing at a third
independent testing laboratory overseen by state health officials.

Cannex has not commented on the State of Nevada Department
of Taxation’s findings.

Since 2017, it is legal to purchase cannabis from licensed
stores in Nevada for people aged 21 and over.

However, the products can’t be smoked in public – only in a
private residences or hotel rooms.

Earlier this year, the Las Vegas City Council voted to allow existing dispensaries to apply for a permit in order to open consumption lounges in which tourists could legally consume their cannabis products.

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