Dispensary in Brookhaven For Medical Marijuana Makes History!


On Wednesday, a medicinal marijuana business in Brookhaven made history. The Cannabis Company was Mississippi’s first dispensary to offer medical marijuana for sale. Debbie McDermott, the first customer, stated, “I do suffer from chronic pain and I have some other concerns.” After McDermott placed her order for the medication, the afternoon sale was delayed by two and a half hours.

METRC, a national corporation that tracks medicinal cannabis from seed to sale, is the point-of-sale system that the delay was most likely brought on by, according to officials. Co-owner of the dispensary on Brookway Boulevard Mitch Parker expressed his resentment at the patient’s prolonged wait for her medication.

Parker remarked, “We have individuals in here who have been waiting for this treatment for so long. Wednesday had 21 patrons, which according to co-owner Le Anne Penn was “about what I had expected,” while Thursday appeared to be “slammed” with patrons from Brookhaven residents as well as those from Brandon, Madison, and Hattiesburg.

The bulk of the neighborhood patients had previously visited Dr. Vicky McLean at the nearby New Vitality Medi Spa on Brookway Boulevard. She is the only local doctor engaging in the initiative, as far as I know,” Penn stated. Additionally on Wednesday, Hybrid Relief and Starbuds in Oxford completed its first medical marijuana transaction, while “boutique medical cannabis startup” River Remedy started supplying medical marijuana to retailers all around the state.

Mockingbird Cannabis in Raymond is the supplier of medical marijuana to The Cannabis Company. The Mississippi Medicinal Marijuana Association (3MA) Executive Director Ken Newburger said, “It’s surreal to see it finally come to fruition. We have been fighting since 2018 to get medical marijuana into the hands of patients in Mississippi.

“This is just the start. In the upcoming months, a growing number of companies will harvest, test, and put their goods on the market; as a result, more patients will have access to this medication at licensed enterprises all around the state. Patients who have been given the go-ahead can buy up to 21 grams and keep up to 3.5 grams every day, six days a week, or nearly 3 ounces.

A doctor, nurse practitioner, or optometrist who is a part of Mississippi’s medicinal cannabis program must first determine that the patient has a qualifying medical condition. After registering for certification with the state’s cannabis program, they must submit an online application to the medical cannabis program. An electronic identity card that can be used at authorized dispensaries will thereafter be given to them.

Prior to receiving medical products on Thursday, The Cannabis Company held an open house and ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate its opening. “History is being made by us. Since this is a new sector, I am confident that we will make history. They’ll realize we were the first to receive a permit here fifty years from now,” Penn remarked.

“It was enjoyable. We have worked very hard and gotten to know some wonderful people. Parker claimed that he had been constructing the commercial space since August. “The voyage has been enjoyable. It was fun for me. The company would operate differently than what I was doing before, said Parker. “For 40 years, I worked as a body technician.

I made the decision to pursue this because I recognized the need and promise for the sector. This should benefit those who require it or are unable to take opioids or other medications. Parker expressed concerns about Mississippi’s regulation of THC concentrates while others may be worried about the arrival of marijuana retailers in Brookhaven.

He claimed that they are restricting the amount of THC in concentrates to 68 percent and that some patients who suffer from persistent pain would require a purer concentration. The majority of the growers and processors they work with using CBD to reduce the concentrations. He also wishes they could teach people. “I’ve met with each and every person we’re working with.

Parker added, “We want to know what they are sending out. “We are thrilled to have heard from everyone today, and we hope that we can be of assistance to others. It should be simpler for patients to obtain their cards. They currently need to visit a licensed physician before completing an online application.

Some folks might not be computer literate or have access to one. Patients who visit the dispensary will have access to an iPad where they may view goods, brands, strains, effects, and uses. Additionally, there is information available in the dispensary to assist customers in selecting the right products.

The first to receive flowers was The Cannabis Company. Inhalation, application to the skin, and eating are the methods of administration outlined in a book compiled by Mockingjay Cannabis. Penn extends an invitation for people to come to talk about the sector in response to some people’s worries and inquiries.

Penn advised anyone who was unsure, inquisitive, or resistant to just come to talk to us, open their minds, and do some research. “Stop being a doubter. Everyone should be allowed to make their own decisions. There is an abundance of scientific study. Check it out for yourself. At first, I was a little reluctant as well.

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