Jackson County Lawmakers Can Choose How To Spend Marijuana Sales Tax Revenues!

Jackson County Lawmakers Can Choose How To Spend Marijuana Sales Tax Revenues!

The Jackson County Legislature is considering requesting approval from the electorate for a three percent sales tax to be applied to all countywide recreational marijuana sales. Eight metropolitan areas have already made the decision to urge voters to accept a higher marijuana sales tax. The cities claim that marijuana taxes would flow into their general revenue funds if they were to approve.

A similar ballot language was initially submitted by Jackson County for a county levy, but a new revision explains precisely how tax money might be used. Supporters of a new initiative seeking to earmark marijuana tax revenue to only be used in Jackson County for violent crime prevention, community preservation, veteran support, and community health services.

Beginning Tuesday night, a winter weather advisory is in effect for Kansas City.”It’s also crucial that voters have some understanding of the intended use of the funds when they cast a ballot for an additional tax. And that is the driving force for being explicit about where the funds will be used, according to Jackson County Legislator Megan Marshall.

However, the proposal’s detractors argue that this attempt at openness is way too nebulous and that it would be better for elected officials to decide how to spend money from a marijuana tax if it were to pass. “I’m a little worried that it might not be specific enough because I’m not sure what we mean when we talk about community preservation.

That may actually be a number of different things. A lot of things, including community health and veteran care, are certainly important, according to Jackson County Legislator Jeanie Lauer. A man was taken to the hospital after being pinned by steel beams at a Kansas City company.

Jackson County Lawmakers Can Choose How To Spend Marijuana Sales Tax Revenues!

Additionally, according to county officials, only taxes from the county’s health fund may be used to pay for public health services. As a result, marijuana revenues might not be able to legally support ongoing community health initiatives. After opponents of the plan prevented lawmakers from voting on the matter, the discussion will continue at a subsequent meeting.

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