One Winner of The Promotion Will Get Free Marijuana For A Year!

Due to Skymint’s chance for one lucky winner to receive free marijuana for a full year, marijuana marketing in Michigan has advanced to a new level. Skymint, a company with headquarters in Ann Arbor, operates more than 20 facilities throughout the state, including one in Gaylord.

Through a sweepstakes contest that ends on January 30, the company is giving customers the chance to win a year of free cannabis. In order to participate, interested parties can use the code “FREE WEED” on any online purchase, complete an entry form on the business’s website, or follow the brand on Instagram.

Devan Larson, the marketing manager for Skymint, said that you must be 21 and a resident of the state to enter. A year of marijuana goods worth $500 each will be given to the winner by a Skymint store. Since Michigan voters approved the use of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes in 2018.

The marketing of marijuana—which is essentially still in its infancy—presents difficulties for Skymint and the other businesses in the state’s marijuana market. The first retail location in Gaylord opened last year when recreational cannabis sales under state licenses began in 2019.

According to Larson, the business anticipates that the offer will make Skymint known to a fresh set of customers. She stated, “We have a strong program of community engagement, and this contest is a fantastic way to reach all Michiganders.” In addition, the competition shows how the marijuana market is still developing.

It was promoted “demonstrates the development of the sector and the use of marijuana as a commonplace good. To do a giveaway like this, we are thrilled, “said she. The usage of cannabis is still associated with stigma, according to Devan Larson. Speaking with individuals in each of our sites is really the key, she continued.

Gaylord has six retail establishments right now and could soon have nine after adopting an ordinance legalizing marijuana companies in 2021. According to Larson, the market is competitive both in Northern Michigan and the entire state. In addition to the dispensaries, Skymint also runs two indoor grow rooms, a 1,000-acre sustainable farm, and other operations since it started operating in 2018.

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