Senator speaks out on CBD for pain relief

A US senator spoke about his personal experience with CBD during a confirmation hearing for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioner Dr Stephen Hahn.

As lawmakers asked asked about federal regulation around the nascent CBD industry, Pat Roberts spoke about his wife urging him to try topical CBD oil on his problematic knees.

The Kansas Republican lawmaker, said: “I have a personal interest in this.

“I don’t know why I’m bringing this up, but I have football knees. My wife insists that this little bottle of CBD stuff you can put that on your knees and it’s going to work.

“It doesn’t. Well, at least for me it doesn’t.”

“But this is being used for everything. I was gonna mention [Senator Bob Casey], myself and then you, sir, about the possibility of growth of hair,” he said, joking that many of the officials present lack hair.

Roberts also also voiced concern about inaccurate labelling
and the unregulated nature of the CBD market.

Hahn replied that more data and research is needed and the
FDA is creating a framework for medical CBD.

Robert’s comments come soon after the FDA warned 15 companies that illegally sold products containing CBD.

The watchdog sent warning letters to the firms that it
claims are violating the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

The FDA also urged consumers to be wary of
the safety of CBD products more broadly.

A statement reads: “Based on the lack of scientific information
supporting the safety of CBD in food, the FDA is also indicating that it cannot
conclude that CBD is generally recogniSed as safe (GRAS) among qualified
experts for its use in human or animal food.”

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