Lil Bo Weep Cause of Death: How Did Australian Singer and You Tuber Die?

A Facebook post from Lil Bo Weep’s father revealed the tragic news that the Australian artist, who had over 239,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, had passed away on Saturday after a long struggle with mental illness, substance abuse, and trauma.

Matthew Schofield chimed in, saying, “She fought hard against her demons as we all did side by side with her and cleaned up the broken pieces over and over again, but she could not fight anymore and we lost her.” One another tragically young internet celebrity has passed away.

Many of Lil Bo Weep’s 22 million subscribers were devastated to hear the news of his untimely death. Lil Bo Weep, at 15 years old, made her online music production debut on SoundCloud in 2015. Now, many people are left wondering what happened to her when her father posted the news of her death on Facebook.

Who is Lil Bo Weep?

Australian musician and internet sensation Lil Bo Weep has passed away. On January 2, 1998, Lil Bo Weep entered the world. In 2015, the vocalist began using SoundCloud to release original tracks. Her tracks “Codependency” and “Not OK But It’s OK” have been streamed over 5 and 12 million times on Spotify, respectively.

Both TikTok and Instagram were flooded with her fans. She made her debut as a SoundCloud musician-producer in 2015. Her SoundCloud following is close to 35k strong. Songs like “Sorry,” “Cannot Fight Away My Hell,” “Codependency,” and “I Wrote This Song 4 You” made her a household name.

Both of her albums, SOLOS, and SOLOS, are now available on Apple Music and Spotify. The EP “Healing Unaloon” she created is also out there. An EP titled Unaloon and Healing Unaloon has been released under her alias.

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Lil Bo Weep’s Cause of Death?

According to a post by her father, Winona Brooks, also known as Lil Bo Weep, passed away on Sunday. The song “Codependency,” which the Australian rapper is best known for, has been streamed millions of times on Spotify. Winona’s father wrote on Facebook that his daughter had dealt with PTSD and addiction her whole life.

“This past weekend, my daughter and I gave up the fight against her despair and she passed away. No longer does she have to fight against the demands of a universe that wants its angel back.” Also, he called Winona his “best friend” and his “idol.”

It is now unknown whether or not the official cause of death will ever be made public. Because of Winona’s anonymity, her parents may be able to grieve in peace without drawing attention to themselves.

How Did Lil Bo Weep Die?

Lil Bo Weep, a musician, died at the young age of 22. The combination of little bo weep’s despair, trauma, PTSD, and drug addiction was given as the official cause of her death. Her father, Matthew Schofield, posted the tragic news on Facebook on Sunday (March 6), citing “depression, trauma, PTSD, and drug addiction” as the causes of his daughter’s untimely passing.

“This weekend we lost the struggle for my daughter’s life against despair, trauma, PTSD, and drug addiction that we have been waging since we received her back from the United States through emergency repatriation DFAT,” Schofield posted on Facebook.

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Lil Bo Weep Had a Substantial Following Online

Winona had more than 100,000 YouTube subscribers and more than 30,000 Instagram followers before her death. Winona’s Instagram account was last active four days before her death, yet all of her recent postings have been inundated with comments from mourners. “May he or she rest in peace?

The words “I love you” “One commentator expressed this view, and many others echoed it. Many of Winona’s admirers will surely be devastated by her passing and eager to learn the truth behind her mysterious disappearance. No matter what the truth behind Winona’s death is, it is tragic regardless. Fans of hers, please try to give her family some space in the wake of this.

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