In The First Month, Sales of Marijuana For Adults In Missouri Topped $71.7 Million

Missouri’s sales of marijuana for adults got off to a great start. In the first month, they brought in $71.7 million.

KDSK, a TV station in St. Louis, said that Missouri’s total sales for the month of February came to $102.9 million, which was the sum of the sales for both recreational and medical use.

KDSK said that Missouri’s $71.7 million haul in the first month of sales to adults could be the most money ever made in a U.S. marijuana market.

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In Illinois, stores for adults sold $39.2 million worth of cannabis in the first month that sales were legal.

In the first month of sales for adults, stores in New Jersey made $24 million and stores in Michigan made $6.5 million.

Missouri rushed to get licenses for more than 200 stores before its adult-use launch, and the first weekend of sales brought in $12.6 million.

In the meantime, Amy Moore was named director of Missouri’s Division of Cannabis Regulation (DCR), which is part of the state’s Department of Health and Senior Services.

Moore was given the job permanently after serving as interim director since Lyndall Fraker left the job on January 31. Greenway Magazine says that Moore was given the job after Lyndall Fraker left the job.

Fraker was put in charge of regulating marijuana in Missouri in December 2018. This was done so that the state’s medical marijuana industry could start up in October 2021.

The Springfield News-Leader says that Moore became a member of the DCR in 2018.


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