In Missouri’s First Month of Legal Recreational Sales, Post Sales Went Over $100 Million

In Missouri's First Month of Legal Recreational Sales, Pot Sales Went Over $100 Million

In Missouri, the First Month of Recreational Marijuana Sales Brought In $102 Million, While Illinois only Made $39.2 Million

This weekend was one month since Missouri made it legal for adults to use marijuana for recreational purposes.

Just in February, sales were already more than $100 million.

In November 2022, Missouri passed a law that let people buy and sell marijuana for any reason. This made it possible for dispensaries to open all over our area.

To give you an idea of how well things are going, the first month of recreational marijuana sales in Illinois brought in $39.2 million, while the first month of sales in Missouri brought in $102.9 million.

The sales for medical use were $31.2 million, and the sales for fun were $71.7 million.

This sales record includes the $13 million made in just the first weekend, from February 3 to 5.

The general manager of Feel State Dispensary, Nick Wegman, said that the first month has been exciting and busy.

“Our main goal is to make people as happy as possible when they work with us,” he said.

Wegman says that business at the Feel State Dispensary in Florissant hasn’t slowed down at all.

“We used to see about 150 people a day, but overnight we saw about 550,” he said.

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In Missouri's First Month of Legal Recreational Sales, Pot Sales Went Over $100 Million

Wegman said that the first month of selling marijuana for recreational use has been exciting, but that they are always making changes to meet the demand.

“We’ve hired about 15 new people so far, but that number is likely to double in the next few weeks. More bags, more staples, more printer paper, “he said.

Wegman says that about 160 new people come through the doors every day, but the benefits aren’t just felt by the patients.

“I think, so to speak, the mood of North County has lifted,” he said.

People stood in line for hours to get into Viola STL, a new dispensary in South St. Louis City.

Daniel Pettigrew, the CEO, said that St. Louis has been very welcoming.

“The support from the people of St. Louis has been unbelievable, it’s been unbelievable. Everything just makes us really happy, “he said.

This weekend, Viola STL opened its second dispensary, which is on Iowa Street. Olive Street is the other place.

Pettigrew says that both are in the City of St. Louis and are the only pot shops in the city that are owned by Black people.

“We treat it like a family business because it is. We’re really involved in these communities on the ground, interacting with the people right there “he said.

Al Harrington and Larry Hughes, both of whom used to play in the NBA, are also behind the business.

Hughes, who was born in St. Louis and played basketball at Saint Louis University before being picked up by the NBA, and Harrington first said they would work together in November 2020. From 2009 to 2010, they played together for the New York Knicks.

Pettigrew said that the only dispensary in the city with a drive-thru is on Iowa Street.

“The most important thing is that people can come to a safe, secure place, get their product, and then leave. It will really make it possible for us to help more people. This neighborhood is part of the community, so when we met with them, it was important to them that not many people hang out and stay in the area. It just lets us finish the deal in a safe, secure place, help everyone get what they need, and send them on their way as soon as possible “he said.

Like how cannabis changed Pettigrew’s life, he’s excited to help others change theirs.

“The reputation of the war on drugs has been really, really bad, and it has hurt some communities more than others,” he said. “So for us, the chance to kind of right that wrong is huge.”

Feel State Dispensary is already planning to add to their building to make room for more people.

Wegman said that they are going to add 3,000 square feet and hope to do so in the next couple of months.


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