Five-Year Study Reveals 1,375% Rise in Consumption To Edible Cannabis in Children Under 6!

Five-Year Study Reveals 1,375% Rise in Consumption To Edible Cannabis in Children Under 6!

The legalization of marijuana has made access to the drug simpler for adults, but it has also lowered the barriers to entry for minors. As evidenced by the long wait times at the city’s first legal Marijuana shop, there is clearly a great demand for cannabis.

However, the increased availability of cannabis has led to an increase in the number of young people who are exposed to it. More than 7,040 children younger than 6 were exposed to edible cannabis throughout the course of five-year research published in Pediatrics Magazine. A rise of 1,375%, to be precise.

Dr. Carl Kaplan, a pediatric emergency medicine specialist at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, stated, “Kids don’t prefer to consume medicines because they don’t taste good, but they will absolutely go for a product that looks just like a chocolate bar or a gummy bear.”

For his part, Kaplan claims to have witnessed the increase in person. “They are in a coma-like state. They have lost the ability to react normally to the world around them. It’s possible that they only react to really unpleasant stimuli, “In his words. The pediatrician claims that asthma is the most common presenting complaint.

However, the edibles sold at the state of New York’s first legal marijuana dispensary are somewhat different from those marketed in less regulated states. According to David Gerber, CEO of Sober at Home and addiction specialist, “when we maintain access to marijuana edibles available and around children, it’s a formula for disaster.”

“Currently available marijuana has dangerously high levels of THC, making it inappropriate for use by minors. It’s intended for mature audiences.” Safekeeping is a priority for him and others. Pamphlets on the subject can be found at the registers at Housing Works Dispensary.

As a parent, “How am I going to actually keep my cannabis?” is a major concern of mine. Dasheeda Dawson, the cannabis industry’s first director, stated. Meanwhile, doctors are also urging parents to be open and honest.

Kaplan emphasized the importance of having this information early on so they could better evaluate and manage the youngster. He believes that doing so would allow doctors to determine the issue without resorting to invasive procedures.

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