When a Car Crashes Into a Detroit Building, A Marijuana Grow Operation Is Uncovered.

Marijuana grow operation revealed when car crashes into Detroit building

On Tuesday, a vehicle slammed into a building on the city’s east side, revealing a marijuana grow operation within.

On Tuesday, January 10 at around 4:21 AM, a car smashed into the side of a body shop on Gratiot Avenue at Hazelridge Street, close to East McNichols Road. The collision ripped a big hole in the building’s facade.

Several marijuana plants were seen through the opening. Inside the structure, we also discovered botanical lighting.

At this time, it is unknown what caused the crash or whether or not the individual who hit the building was aware of its contents. Police in Detroit said that the driver involved in the incident had fled the area. Whether or not they made off with any loot from the establishment is a mystery.

And whether or not this particular marijuana farm is operating inside the law is also up for debate.

There are currently no additional details available.

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