Is WWE Hall Of Famer Eddie Guerrero Died Due To a Heart Attack?

Eddie Guerrero Cause of Death

At the height of his career in the 1990s and early 2000s, Eduardo “Eddie” Guerrero was one of the most recognizable faces in WWE. Eddie Guerrero was the second generation of a famous Mexican-American wrestling family. He began his career in Mexico and Japan before making the move to the United States.

His energy and determination to win in the ring earned him the nickname “Latino Heat.” Guerrero had won the WWE World Championship at the 2004 No Way Out event and was on the edge of winning a second world title when he tragically lost his life.

Who is Eddie Guerrero?

Eddie Guerrero, a Mexican-American wrestler, was estimated to have a net worth of $6 million. Eddie Guerrero’s short life ended in November 2005. It all started in El Paso, Texas, in October of 1967 for him. He was a member of the legendary Guerrero wrestling dynasty. Mexico and Japan were just two of Guerrero’s stops in his international wrestling career.

He also wrestled for World Wrestling Entertainment, World Championship Wrestling, and Extreme Championship Wrestling. He wrestled for the CMLL promotion in Mexico from 1987 to 1992, and then for the AWF in the United States from 1992 to 1994.

Guerrero was a member of the New Japan Pro Wrestling cast from 1993 to 1996. He began his wrestling career with ECW in 1995 and then spent the years between 1989 and 2000 with WCW. Guerrero was a wrestler for the WWF and WWE from the year 2000 until his death in 2005.

Eddie Guerrero’s Cause of Death

Eddie Guerrero won Mr. Kennedy’s farewell match on the November 11, 2005, episode of SmackDown! As a result of his triumph, he will attend the 2005 Survivor Series as a representative of SmackDown. On November 13 at the Minneapolis Marriott Hotel City Center, Eddie’s nephew and fellow WWE Superstar Chavo Guerrero found him unconscious.

According to the autopsy, Eddie Guerrero died of acute heart failure caused by atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. According to an interview with Chavo Guerrero given in 2020 for Dark Side of the Ring, Eddie was “just clinging to life” when Chavo found him. Eddie Guerrero was a popular figure in the wrestling world, and his death made him a legend.

As a tag team, Latino Heat entered the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006. Eddie became famous as a Cruiserweight superstar in WCW throughout the 1990s and is now a mainstay in WWE’s middle card. Eddie Guerrero won the WWE championship after making his debut in the main event of No Way Out in early 2004.

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When Did Eddie Guerrero Die?

As of the 13th of November, 2005, Guerrero was no longer with us. He was discovered unresponsive in a Minneapolis Marriott hotel room. Many of his followers want to know what exactly caused his untimely demise, as he was just 38 years old when he passed away. Some believe he died from a drug overdose, while others think he relapsed into alcoholism.

(His sickness led to his 2001 dismissal from the WWF). Whatever the case may be, the loss was felt deeply in the wrestling community. Many professional wrestlers praised Guerrero’s legacy because of his status as a wrestler’s wrestler. The website has recognized him as a technical wrestling legend. In addition, Kurt Angle was ranked as one of the top three greatest wrestlers of all time in 2017.

“As good as he was in 2004, 2005, he had to be 10-times better back then,” Angle told the Talk is Jericho podcast. That’s just incredible. I mean, he might have been the absolute greatest of all time because when I wrestled him, he was still in that top three we were talking about, so Eddie had it all. He was hilarious, but also really skilled. He was a fantastic wrestler who clearly “got it.”

What Did Eddie Guerrero Die off?

The only thing we know about Eddie Guerrero’s recent bouts is that he has a serious drug and alcohol addiction. He has a long history of drug abuse and relies heavily on cocaine and pharmaceutical painkillers. He passed away at the young age of 38 due to unfortunate circumstances. His arrival into the world was on October 9, 1967.

In addition to the ECW World Television Championship, he also held the WCW United States Championship and the WCW Cruiserweight Championship. He won the 1997 and 1998 Shin Nippon Pro Wrestling: Toukon Retsuden 3 tournaments, respectively.

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Did Eddie Guerrero Have Any Underlying Health Conditions?

Many things could have contributed to Guerrero’s heart condition. In 2009, Rey Mysterio revealed that he was going to treatment to deal with his dependency on painkillers. The late pro wrestler Guerrero was specifically named, and he expressed concern about suffering the same fate. He implied that Guerrero’s heart condition was caused by his history of drug use.

Guerrero never hid his struggles with mental illness. His medication addiction started after a vehicle accident in 1999. In 2001, he reached the bottom and sought help at a rehabilitation facility.
When guys became harmed, they didn’t miss time at the office because they were sick; instead, they took medication.

Vickie Guerrero, Guerrero’s wife, claimed, “At first, I just assumed that this was the standard.” For a while, I rationalized that he was just attempting to hide his ailments, but then I realized that I was the one who was doing all of the driving. What you all witnessed in the ring was him turning on his lights, and I was lifting him up because he couldn’t operate.

He enjoyed his work, but when he got home, everything was a disaster. It’s important to note, however, that Guerrero had been clean and sober for at least four years before his untimely demise. Other naysayers claim that his heart was damaged by his long history of doping.

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