Democrats in The Iowa House Submit a Plan To Legalize Marijuana For Recreational Use!


A bill to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Iowa has been proposed by Democratic state legislators. House Minority Leader Jennifer Konfrst’s plan is unlikely to make any headway because Republicans now dominate every aspect of the Iowan government.

Nonetheless, one of the factors driving Konfrst’s party’s proposal in Iowa was the ongoing legalization experiments in neighboring states, such as conservative Missouri. The bill would make it legal for adults 21 and older to consume up to 500 milligrams of THC, according to the Iowa Capital Dispatch.

It would be legal to possess less than half an ounce. A 10% state tax would be applied to all sales. The state of Iowa has a medicinal marijuana program in operation, and in 2022, sales were $10,2 million. Yet, according to the Capital Dispatch.

Republican state lawmakers have made it clear that they oppose adult use. Republican Representative Steven Holt, who serves as chair of the House Judiciary Committee, declared last year that he would “never support” legalizing marijuana.

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