Law Enforcement Officers Bust a Massive Marijuana Grow in Valley Center!


Authorities announced on Friday that deputies had raided and shut down a massive illegal marijuana cultivation operation in the county’s extreme northern borders.

A SWAT team executed a warrant at the unlicensed grow site in the 10000 block of Via Patricio in Valley Center at about 3 p.m. Wednesday, according to the county Sheriff’s Department.

While searching the facility, deputies detained three people and seized 600 live marijuana plants along with roughly nine pounds of concentrated cannabis, two pounds of processed marijuana, a half-pound of hashish, and 15 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, said Sgt. Nick Backouris of the sheriff’s Marijuana Enforcement Team.

According to Backouris, the estimated black market value of the seized contraband is $675,000 USD.

Such unlicensed cannabis plantations have “many harmful consequences on the neighboring community and ecology,” the sergeant said.

“All too often, structures utilized for illegal marijuana-cultivation operations are carelessly erected, (violating) industry safety requirements and creating substantial threats to anyone working in the facilities,” Backouris said.

“In this instance, code-compliance officers observed multiple dangers, both physically and electrically, resulting in San Diego Gas & Electric being ordered to stop power to all structures on the property until the totality of the land is approved and can pass building inspection.”

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