Albany Residents Have until Today To Complete The Marijuana Survey!

The city of Albany is continuing to get ready for the legal sale of marijuana, but today is the last day for people to voice their opinions on the types of dispensaries they would want to see and the best uses for the tax income that will result from the new industry.

Locations are now restricted to the south end and warehouse district due to city zoning laws. The survey is looking to collect people’s opinions on how local marijuana sales taxes will be redistributed. Pine Hills local Fashintii Gill-Jaycos stresses the importance of including education in any strategy.

As long as individuals are aware of what they are putting into their bodies and using, Gill-Jaycos has no objections. According to Jasmine Higgins, Chief Equality Officer for the City of Albany, more people would buy marijuana if they had more places to buy it from.

Higgins remarked, “We’ve heard from the community that folks would like to see it expanded and make it more in line with general retail, kind of like restaurants and bars, things of that kind.” Juan Footman has voiced a need for expanded mobile features.

Like some sort of roving priestess, perhaps. That’s so you may enter, of course… “I recommend getting a wide variety of flavors or sorts,” he stated. Moreover, Robert Stahl‘s problem can be solved by a mobile solution. He thinks that making things accessible is important.

I’d prefer a more localized approach, he remarked. I can’t drive because I don’t have a car. Because that is the case, I hope I won’t have to take a bus or an Uber. But, today is the last day to fill out the survey on the county’s website, and authorities say the first local sales should begin very shortly.


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