Florida’s Medicinal Marijuana Client Number Increases 71% Over Two Years!

The number of registered patients in Florida’s medical marijuana program climbed by 71% during the course of the preceding two years, as reported by the program’s administrator. On Wednesday, the Florida House Healthcare Regulation Subcommittee met in Tallahassee to discuss the medical marijuana sector.

Director of the Office of Medicinal Marijuana Use Christopher Kimball presented statistics to the committee. Kimball briefed the committee on the department’s efforts to prevent youngsters from gaining access to medical marijuana and to provide only marijuana that has undergone rigorous safety testing to patients.

Kimball reported a 46% rise in applications received over the past two years by caregivers seeking medical marijuana for their patients, with an annual increase of an average of 100,000 applications. According to Kimball, the number of patients expected to be actively receiving treatment will increase from the 2020s 455,425 to 2022’s expected 779,465.

As reported by Kimball, the certified physician workforce will increase by 102 between 2019 and 2020, reaching 1,725 by 2022. The medical marijuana industry in Florida is governed by the Office of Medicinal Marijuana Use, which is part of the Florida Department of Health and is responsible for creating and enforcing regulations for the industry.

The database of doctors and eligible patients is likewise managed by this system. During his talk, Kimball discussed the recent changes made to the Medical Marijuana User Registry, such as the addition of same-day approvals, the creation of a qualified physician document dashboard to help doctors keep track of their patients’ necessary paperwork, and the introduction of daily dose limits.

These updates also feature the capability to monitor caregiver medicinal marijuana purchases and increased database security to safeguard individual user data. Christopher Kimball stated that the confidentiality of the registered participants is of the utmost importance, and that law enforcement agencies are only granted access to the state’s medical marijuana database if the patient is a subject of a current investigation.

According to Kimball, the office does not control doctors; rather, the Department of Health is responsible for monitoring doctors’ medical marijuana qualifications, practices, and quality assurance. Before dispensaries can legally sell medical cannabis to patients, the drug must first undergo testing by a marijuana testing laboratory to ensure it is free of harmful contaminants and meets minimum potency standards.

In Florida, eleven different testing facilities have been approved as of this writing. It is important that each licensed treatment facility grow, produce, and sell its own marijuana products so that the source can be identified in the event of any safety concerns.

Tallahassee Democrat Allison Tant questioned Kimball about the Department of Health’s (DOH) efforts to keep synthetic cannabinoids like delta 8 out of the hands of patients and minors despite the fact that they are technically legal under federal law despite the fact that some research has shown that they are dangerous.

Florida’s dispensaries “are not selling any permitted delta 8 products.” I understand the worry because I have kids of my own. Kimball said, adding that perhaps a more in-depth discussion on the selling of synthetics is warranted, but stressing again that these substances are not being distributed from legitimate outlets. The DOH plans to hold workshops to further fine-tune the rules and regulations; to promote openness, the public will be invited to share their thoughts and concerns.


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