With a Recent Rise in Violence, New York City Is Cracking Down on Unlicensed Marijuana Dispensaries!


On Monday, New York City will have its third dispensary for adults to purchase marijuana legally.

It’s part of the city’s ongoing campaign to stop the spread of the illegal weed.

The new pot shop is called Union Square Travel Agency. To put it simply, 62 East 13th Street is the address of a Cannabis Shop. The Doe Fund, a charity that helps those with marijuana offenses, is the property’s owner.

Nonprofit organizations and people with prior marijuana convictions are being given licensing priority in New York State’s dispensary program.

Indeed, the owner of the most recent dispensary to launch on Bleeker Street has a criminal record.

The state’s governor, Kathy Hochul, claims the program will help underemployed people find work.


The doors to the brand-new shop will swing open at noon. On Monday at 4:20 p.m., the only other dispensary outside of New York City to sell legal marijuana will open in Binghamton.

Regulatory authorities have pledged to keep a tight eye on businesses to ensure they are in compliance.

“There will be some space between dispensaries because of the way we’re managing things. So, even if you lined up five or six of them in the same street, you wouldn’t achieve the same result as you get here.

You won’t be able to see in from the outside thanks to the tinted windows, there will be security checks, everyone will be asked for identification, and you’ll lose your liquor license if you sell to anyone under the age of 21. We’re currently in the transitional phase between the closure of illegal dispensaries and the opening of legal ones “Cannabis Control Office Director Axel Bernabe made this statement.

Meanwhile, the city has increased its efforts to shut down stores that sell marijuana unlawfully. About 1,400 people are living in the city without proper documentation, according to the authorities.

According to Mayor Eric Adams, unlicensed smoke businesses are hotspots for thefts and frequently offer items tainted with other substances.


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