What is Delta-8 THC? Things To Know About The Delta-8 THC Marijuana Alternative!

Although it is illegal to sell marijuana in Kentucky, a different chemical that works in a manner similar to marijuana is available in stores all around the state. It is known as delta-8 THC. So what precisely is delta-8? Is it secure? And why is it lawful to sell in the Commonwealth but even marijuana for medical purposes is not? The basics are as follows:

What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 commonly referred to as “marijuana lite” or “weed lite,” can be made indirectly from hemp, a cannabis plant that is currently accepted in all 50 states. Various cannabis plant species are used to produce marijuana. The main ingredient in that narcotic, delta-9 THC, is what gives users a mental “high,” while hemp has very little of it.

The cannabinoids that cannabis plants also produce include Delta-8 THC, which almost perfectly resembles delta-9 in terms of molecular structure. The amount of delta-8 produced by hemp plants, which resemble marijuana, is negligible.

Cannabidiol, often known as CBD, which may be extracted from plants, can be used to create much more of it synthetically. Through a chemical procedure, delta-8 is produced from CBD and then sold in items like vape cartridges and sweets.

Does Delta-8 Get People as High as Marijuana?

When consumed, delta-8 has similar physiological and mental effects to marijuana’s delta-9, which is the psychoactive ingredient. However, many users of delta-8 products claim that they produce a less potent high, hence the moniker “weed light.”

In a survey-based study conducted by professor Jessica Kruger of the University at Buffalo and researcher Daniel Kruger of the University of Michigan, 80% of participants claimed that the effects of delta-8 were less potent than those of delta-9.

“Many individuals have said, “This is my “work marijuana.” I can continue to carry out my everyday tasks while using delta-8 and yet receive the benefits I require “said Daniel Kruger. Participants in the poll asked about their delta-8 experiences mostly:

  • exhilaration, pain alleviation, and relaxation were the most noticeable;
  • reported having very minor degrees of “cognitive distortions, such as a distorted sense of time, problems with short-term memory, and attention deficit disorder;”
    Low amounts of “distressing mental states” like anxiety and paranoia, which are common when using marijuana, have been reported.
  • However, the chair of pharmacology at Penn State College of Medicine, Kent Vrana, calls the widely held belief that delta-8 produces a softer high than delta-9 “commercial hype.”
  • The issue, he explained, is that there haven’t been any very well-controlled studies in which the exact same dose of THC, whether it was delta-8 or delta-9, was administered.

How Does Delta-8 Get People High?

1. The endocannabinoid system in our body regulates our mood among other things.

2. These chemicals are produced on demand by our bodies and minds.

3. They don’t resemble THC or CBD in the slightest, but they have unique brain receptors, according to Vrana.

People who consume delta-8 and delta-9 THC may experience a high by binding to the same receptors. It “hijacks” a typical system, according to Vrana.

Are Delta-8 Products Safe?

We don’t know a lot about the health implications of these relatively new products. Right now, the prevailing opinion is: It depends on what’s in them. According to Vrana, the chemical delta-8 is not a concern in and of itself. “No less risky than delta-9 is delta-8. And compared to my preferred substance, a superb single-barrel bourbon, THC is far safer “said he.

However, Kentucky has very little regulation over the synthetically produced delta-8 that is sold there. Products made with delta-8 may contain heavy metals, chemical solvents, and pesticides, according to some testing. According to Vrana, consuming Delta-8 carries some of the same hazards as using marijuana.

It’s possible to develop an addiction, more particularly a psychological reliance. According to him, heavy use might cause cannabis-induced hyperemesis syndrome, an uncommon illness that can cause extreme vomiting. Products containing delta-8 have not been examined or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration “for safe use in any setting.”

In Nicholasville, Kentucky, KCA Labs, a third-party analytical facility, tests Delta-8 goods. Products containing delta-8 have not been examined or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration “for safe use in any setting.” (Image by KCA Labs)

Can People Use Delta-8 Like Medical Marijuana?

Anecdotally, it appears that some people are. 51% of respondents to the Krugers’ poll said they use delta-8 to treat a health condition, such as anxiety, chronic pain, depression, or sleeplessness, and 29% said they take it exclusively for that reason.

Vrana stated that evidence from studies on medicinal marijuana shows it can increase appetite, and reduce seizures, and there are signs it may help with pain management. Without a doubt, delta-8 has similar potential applications, he claimed.

Is Delta-8 Legal in Kentucky?

Yes. Following the passage of the 2018 farm bill by Congress, which made hemp and its many derivatives legal on a federal level, the delta-8 industry exploded. Although delta-8 has been referred to as “quasi-legal,” a Kentucky judge for the Boone Circuit Court declared last year that it is legitimate there.

In that decision, it was stated that items containing delta-8 would not be regarded as legitimate if their concentration of delta-9 exceeded the statutory level for hemp, which is essentially 0.3%.

Is There ‘legal Weed’ in Kentucky?

Kentucky does not permit the use of recreational marijuana. An executive order signed by Governor Andy Beshear went into effect at the beginning of the year, allowing residents with particular medical conditions to use medical marijuana as a form of treatment. However, it must be purchased legally in another state, and there are strict restrictions on things like how much a person can possess at once.


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