Wichita Student Hospitalized After Eating Marijuana-Infused Gummy!

Tuesday, a middle schooler from Wichita was taken to the hospital after consuming a Marijuana-infused gummy. According to school officials, a teen who consumed the edible phoned a nurse at Christa McAuliffe Academy. The school was then visited by EMS and police. Terri Moses, director of safety for Wichita Public Schools, said the product’s packaging, which was found, indicated it was a marijuana-edible gummy.

“When working with young people, there is one thing we can say with certainty. While adults may not experience negative effects from little doses, children often do, according to Moses. Meds are not allowed on school grounds in Wichita Public Schools unless they are prescribed drugs for a specific kid.

Wichita Student Hospitalized After Eating Marijuana-Infused Gummy!

Some schools still have signs informing people that they are drug- and weapon-free zones on their campuses. We don’t want them in our classrooms, despite the fact that they appear to be benign to others.

We want to make sure that our schools are secure, so we want to make sure that we educate students about not taking them and not being part of spreading them in any manner, added Moses. The kindergarten through eighth-grade pupils is served by Christa McAuliffe Academy. Six additional females, ages 13 to 14, were involved in the event on Tuesday.

Terri Moses stated that in addition to delivering counseling services and speaking with the parents of the kids, school officials may suspend them either in or outside of school. The Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office will also hear the case from the Wichita Police Department.

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