What we talk about when we talk about CBD: A Leaf Desk writer tries CBD oil - week four

Supporters praise CBD for its lack of side effects, and I’ve
certainly not noticed any problems using it over the last month or so.

However, one unforeseen consequence is tackling questions
when I tell family, friends and colleagues about it.

These conversations have highlighted the lack of education among the public – through no fault of their own – that the CBD and medical cannabis industries have yet to overcome.

The first and most obvious question is ‘does it get you high?’

I sigh inwardly, and explain that cannabis, specifically the psychoactive component THC, is still illegal and not available for purchase from Holland and Barratt.

I then usually get asked about what it does, and I explain how there is strong evidence it is an effective treatment for anxiety, sleeplessness and pain relief, among other conditions.

Lighting up a joint
Many people still associate CBD with weed

But it is difficult to talk about its benefits without sounding like a CBD evangelist, which I’m not. While the signs are positive, I am still uncertain about the efficacy of CBD.

After reading my features about my personal experiences with CBD my dad said it sounds like a ‘wonder drug’. It isn’t – few treatments are – and a lot more clinical trials are required.

I have, however recommended CBD to friends who I think might
benefit, particularly those who suffer from anxiety. Some have even started taking

Finally, one of the most frequent tongue-in-cheek questions I get when I talk about my work for The Leaf Desk is if I get ‘free samples’ of medical cannabis.

“Yes, actually”, I reply, deadpan.

“When I interview the professionally-minded executives of major medical cannabis companies, I always ask them to pop an illicit narcotic in the post so I can get slayed and binge watch Futurama…”

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