Watering the plant

Trait Biosciences has unveiled a range of water-soluble cannabinoids for the food, beverage and nutraceutical industries.

The water-soluble cannabinoids were developed over two years at the company’s facility in Los Alamos, in the US state of New Mexico.

The clear liquids and powders can be blended into water for the development of cannabinoid-infused beverages and edible products.

The company claims the water-soluble cannabinoids can be “easily and predictably” absorbed into the bloodstream.

Transforming fat-based cannabinoids to water-soluble cannabinoids eliminates taste, odour and health issues, Trait claims.

Dr Richard Sayre

“This is the breakthrough our team has been working toward for almost two years,” said Trait’s chief science officer Dr Richard Sayre.

“It’s essential that when people ingest a CBD or THC-based product that they know exactly how much they are taking, and what the onset time will be, not dissimilar to predicting the effect of alcohol when you have a glass of wine.

“Until now, nobody could promise that. Our Trait science team has now made this possible with this breakthrough in making water-soluble cannabinoids that are approximately one million times more water-soluble than cannabinoids now being used.

“This will revolutionise how cannabinoids are used in consumer products.”

“A truly water-soluble cannabinoid is what the industry has been looking for,” said Trait CEO Peter McDonough.

“We are actively engaged in discussions with partners to produce premier quality, low-cost, water-soluble cannabinoids at commercial scale and believe our cannabinoids will be the catalyst for a broad new range of trusted, quality cannabinoid-infused products.”

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