UMMC: Rising Number of Kids Getting Sick From Edible Marijuana!

Rising Number of Kids Getting Sick From Edible Marijuana

Concerningly more calls are coming into the Mississippi Poison Control Center about kids who have found and eaten chocolates and candies that have been laced with marijuana at home, leaving them unwell enough to need to go to the ER. The calls “are only going to continue climbing,” according to Jenna Davis, managing director of the Poison Control Center located at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, as marijuana stores are anticipated to open across the state this year.

Children’s use of “edibles,” or food products infused with marijuana, increased by 1,375 percent between 2017 and 2021, according to statistics published this month by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Although UMMC’s figures are lower in contrast, Davis noted they had increased dramatically in recent years. The center only received two calls in 2019 about edibles being consumed.

But according to Davis, the total number of calls increased to 36 in 2022. Of those, 14 were in young children (0–12), three were in teenagers (13–19), 11 were in adults (20–39), and six were in people (40+). We’ve already received four calls for children aged 0 to 6 in the last ten days, according to Davis. “And these cases are underreported across the state,” The Academy stated in its journal Pediatrics that “there has been a continuous increase in pediatric edible cannabis exposures over the past five years, with the potential for substantial harm.”

Rising Number of Kids Getting Sick From Edible Marijuana

The majority of children’s edible ingestion in its examination of instances between 2017 and 21 happened in a home, according to the Academy. According to the paper, more than 22% required a hospital stay, including critical care, and 70% led to central nervous system depression. Children are drawn to adult products like sweets, gummies, and chocolates that are loaded with THC, according to Davis.

“Dope rope’ gummies have been observed, and calls have been heard on those. They have the appearance of a Nerds rope. Equally concerning is the rise in the number of kids who consume items with Delta 8 THC, a naturally occurring chemical found in trace amounts in hemp and marijuana plants, which are conveniently available online and in convenience stores.

It’s not governed. Its euphoric effects are remarkably comparable to those of the other marijuana constituents, according to Davis. We get a ton of calls about this, and the number is rising, from people of all ages. The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics reports that “items like edibles, oils, wax, and hashish are still being spotted and confiscated around the state” in its 2022 Drug Threat Assessment.

Rising Number of Kids Getting Sick From Edible Marijuana

Teenagers and younger people are particularly drawn to these products. The research claims that the state’s recent and changing marijuana policies “make marijuana a new kind of threat.” Children can become severely ill from a variety of bodily reactions to THC-laced edibles, according to Jenna Davis. Although it’s difficult to overdose on marijuana, Davis noted that some of these gummies have quite high amounts and that some children are consuming a lot of them.

It can also result in a rapid heartbeat, vomiting, confusion, difficulty walking, drowsiness, and, in severe cases, respiratory distress and seizures, she said. In addition to central nervous system depression, she added. She added that depending on the situation and whether the child is exhibiting the more serious symptoms, “we recommend they go to a hospital for observation” when center staff members receive calls regarding youngsters ingesting edibles.

They should dial 911 if they have gotten a large dose or if they have underlying medical issues since they may be seriously at risk for further complications. Additionally, it’s critical to keep in mind that a child may consume edibles without immediately displaying any ill consequences, according to Davis. “Unlike when you smoke marijuana, it takes a few hours for a THC-containing substance to start working after you consume it.

Rising Number of Kids Getting Sick From Edible Marijuana

Before the parent realizes that their child has consumed edibles, it could take a few hours. According to Davis, the majority of adults who call the center to report that their child has consumed edibles “are concerned because they left it out and they didn’t mean for their child to get into it.” “Some callers are hesitant to provide information because they want to avoid trouble.

“Their personal information is private. We’re here to support and direct them. The majority of them are quite open with us, so we can gather all the data we require to deliver a piece of appropriate advice. Treat edibles like medication, she advises individuals who have them, whether they are in their car, house, purse, or anywhere else.

Store them away from children’s view and reach in a safe location. The majority of products include some sort of warning label, however, it may be quite small. Even a more mature child might not notice it. According to Davis, the center is going to start concentrating on prevention. We are aware that it will persist, she said.

Rising Number of Kids Getting Sick From Edible Marijuana

“The biggest issue is youngsters getting involved in it,” The Mississippi Poison Control Center prioritizes treatment, prevention, and education. It is a statewide, free, and confidential service that can help with inquiries and exposures relating to dangerous poisons, chemicals, medications, and more. Contact a qualified professional by calling 1-800-222-1222.

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