UK pharmacists demand better CBD regulation

Pharmacists in Britain are calling for better regulation of CBD
products as the market soars.

CBD sales in the UK are as much as £300m annually and it is being added to a dizzying array of goods from coffee to gin – but there are concerns about the quality of products.

Now the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) has urged UK health regulators to come up with “clear, authoritative guidance”.

Jasmine Shah, Head of Advice and
Support Services at the NPA said: “A growing number of pharmacies are selling
CBD products.

“Our advice to pharmacists considering whether to stock CBD products is to ensure they are acting legally and in the best interests of patients – which is the same advice we’d give about all other products sold or supplied in pharmacies.”

She added: “In the case of CBD products, pharmacists should take account of current Home Office guidance, although it must be said the current guidance is difficult to interpret.

“We would welcome clear, authoritative guidance that makes it easier for manufacturers, health care professionals, retailers and consumers to make informed choices, keeping everyone on the right side of the law and safe from harm.

“For anyone thinking about buying
such products, we’d suggest you first talk with your pharmacist about what is
concerning you, and any symptoms you have, rather than ask about a specific

“The pharmacist might then be able to
help you by suppling a suitable medicinal product, or give you the reassurance
that you don’t need to buy any products at all.”

is classed as a food supplement in the UK and is governed by the Food Standards

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