The New Hampshire House Has Voted To Make Cannabis Use Legal!

Marijuana Moment is pleased to offer its newsletter and other reporting materials free of charge because we are proud of both. Yet to accomplish this, a lot of time and money are needed. The Republican majority leader and the Democratic minority leader both sponsored a bill to legalize marijuana, which was adopted by the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

One day after being passed by another committee, a medicinal marijuana measure in North Carolina was approved by the Senate Finance Committee. Before the bill is debated on the Senate floor, it must pass one more stage. Two bills to establish new state panels to research the therapeutic advantages of psychedelics like psilocybin and MDMA were passed by the Hawaii Senate Ways & Means Committee.

The initiatives are now headed to the Senate floor after the governor’s office provided testimony in favor of them. The governors of Illinois, Minnesota, and North Dakota, who are all Republicans, discussed marijuana legalization and the importance of Congress passing legislation pertaining to cannabis banking.

Legislators in the Minnesota House and Senate have submitted measures that would establish a Psychedelic Medicine Task Force to research the difficulties surrounding the use of MDMA, psilocybin, mescaline, LSD, DMT, ibogaine, and other drugs for medical purposes.

A hemp law that, as amended, would have prohibited items containing delta-8 THC was approved by the Georgia Senate before being revisited. A bill to legalize marijuana was filed by the minority whip and house minority leader of Iowa.


To prevent false positive drug tests, the Department of Defense published a memo cautioning service personnel not to eat poppy seeds. In the first four months of FY23, CBP agents and officers countrywide captured more than 41,000 lbs of marijuana, according to a tweet from Customs and Border Protection.

The failed War on Drugs is a War on People, tweeted Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ). The EQUAL Act’s passage, which ends the difference in sentences for crack and powder cocaine, is a crucial step in tearing down these flawed, ineffectual laws.


A healthier Kentucky is a better Kentucky, according to Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear (D). I’m dedicated to making sure every Kentuckian has access to high-quality care and assistance, and I’ve taken steps to do this through expanding health care, relaunching @kynect ky, capping insulin costs, and signing an EO to give the relief through medical cannabis for individuals who qualify.

The Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony on various cannabis reform measures and decided not to support one that would have made marijuana possession a civil offense. A proposal to make state and local authorities declare any financial stakes they may have in medical cannabis firms was adopted by the Oklahoma House General Government Committee.

More limits on the medical cannabis recommendation process were rejected by the South Dakota Senate Health and Human Services Committee, while other bills amending the program were adopted. A bill to modify the laws governing medical cannabis was adopted by the Utah House Health and Human Services Committee.

A bill modifying the guidelines for recommendations for medical cannabis was adopted by the New Mexico Senate Finance Committee. A Florida senator introduced a bill to safeguard medical cannabis patients at work. A senator from Hawaii discussed his proposal to legalize marijuana.

“Veterans with PTSD are leading the push for psychedelic therapy and I’m pleased to stand with them,” a New York assemblyman tweeted. In the fourth quarter of 2022, California’s cannabis tax revenue was $221.6 million. One comprehensive set of rules was created by Michigan regulators by combining the eleven regulation sets that previously governed the marijuana sector.

The application period for outdoor and mixed-use marijuana producer licenses will either remain open or be closed on Monday, according to Vermont authorities, who also published instructions on cannabis product registration. The Wednesday meeting of the U.S. Virgin Islands Cannabis Advisory Board has been canceled.

This year, Congress and state legislatures are considering hundreds of cannabis, psychedelic, and drug policy laws, according to Marijuana Moment. To ensure they don’t miss any updates, Patreon backers who pledge at least $25 per month have access to our interactive maps, infographics, and hearing calendar.


The mayor of New York City is urging state lawmakers to enact legislation that will make it simpler for local authorities to shut down unauthorized marijuana stores. District attorneys from various counties in New York exchanged opinions on how to deal with unlicensed marijuana vendors.

The New Hampshire House Has Voted To Make Cannabis Use Legal!

According to a tweet from the official Los Angeles County Twitter account, businesses are inspected twice a year without warning to make sure cannabis goods are safe. The QR codes on the symbol signs displayed at these establishments can be scanned to view the most recent inspection findings and other health-related data.


The German Ministry of Health refutes suggestions that LSD was unintentionally made legal due to a regulatory error. The House of Representatives of Thailand once more failed to move a bill regulating cannabis forward. The Democratic Party is running for office while promising to roll back the federal government’s marijuana legislation.

The ministers of justice and drugs for Ireland discussed their stances on drug laws and if they had ever used illicit substances. Members of the European Parliament spoke with lawmakers in the Philippines about the drug war.

Officials in Guernsey granted permission to study, create, and produce cannabis. On drug policy matters, the UK House of Commons Home Affairs Committee convened a hearing. The Filipino province of Kalinga’s governor is urging lawmakers to approve the use of medical marijuana.

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According to a review, “cannabinoids can provide comfort to those suffering from lack of enough sleep when used in the right quantities and ratios as to the content of specific subgroups.” Cannabis secondary metabolites are active against a wide range of microorganisms, are generally safe, target multiple bacterial processes and structures, have antimicrobial synergies, have a low potential for resistance development, can be produced inexpensively, and can be combined with existing antibiotics, according to a review. It also has many other desirable properties for potential antibiotics.

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Ryan Quarles was chastised by the Kentucky Democratic Party for promising a hemp boom that would benefit Kentucky farmers in a tweet. Never did he deliver. According to the president of the Kentucky Hemp Association, certain GOP lawmakers are currently pursuing a bill that would “probably kill Kentucky’s hemp sector as we know it.”

The editorial board of the New York Times is urging US leaders to “turn direction” in the war on drugs and “restore public health” as the priority. The editorial board of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has criticized Pennsylvania officials for attempting to keep some details of the medicinal cannabis program secret from the public.


Gold Flora and the Parent Business are joining forces. Two additional Colorado marijuana businesses are being acquired by Schwazze. A deal was made for Tilray Brands, Inc. to issue 120,000 shares of Series A Preferred Stock.


On a podcast, Bill Maher and Andrew Sullivan smoked marijuana while briefly discussing the legalization laws in the US and the UK.


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