The Licencing and Zoning of The First Marijuana Use Location in Marquette County!

Stigma Hemp has proposed relocating to the Southgate Center, located at 1210 S. Front Street in Marquette.

The company will sell cannabis, be licenced as a dispensary, cultivate cannabis at the Class B level, and manufacture cannabis concentrates. David Stensaas, the city planner for Marquette, has stated that all dispensaries must obtain a variance in order to operate legally.

Parking is just one component of the site development that must adhere to the 14 requirements for special land uses. According to Stensaas, “the site we’re discussing would need to meet all of those standards in addition to site plan review standards.”

On May 17, 2022, the planning commission granted its special land use permit, according to Assistant City Manager Sean Hobbins.

Hobbins remarked, “They have finished all of their zoning permit approvals, and it is up to them to file for the marijuana licences they are seeking.”

Hobbins noted that all forms of marijuana licences available in the state are welcome in the city.

Hobbins explained that this category “may include everything from a general store or dispensary or different scale grow operations to marijuana events as we saw with Camp Cannabis.”

Authorization for a dispensary is the same as for a consumption location.

According to Stensaas, there is no hard and fast rule about how many marijuana licences a city can issue.

Stensaas explains that the planning commission has some leeway in deciding whether or not a proposed development complies with the zoning district’s goals.

If Stigma Hemp wanted to legally sell marijuana, it would have to apply for several different permits.

According to Hobbins, “They’re looking for more of a vertical operation to sell, grow, and have a consumption establishment.”

Hobbins claimed that the marijuana licences for Stigma Hemp would be authorised administratively.

TV6 has tried to contact stigma hemp but has not yet received a response.

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