Thai man spends 48 hours on roof in protest

A Thai man spent 48 hours on a roof after protesting against his family who wouldn’t allow him to smoke cannabis.

The 42 year old man is known as Kantaphi and having been described by his wife as a “weed addict” she sent him to stay with his father in the Kantharalk district.

The intent was to starve him of cannabis but when Kantaphi asked his father for cannabis and was refused he became disgruntled and climbed onto the roof in protest.

Neighbours and friends came out to try and persuade him off the roof with little success. Ultimately the sheriff was called out but they also failed.

Finally after the heat and hunger became too much the man Kantaphi finally came down from the roof before being escorted to hospital for check ups.

Thailand recently became the first nation in Asia to legalise cannabis but there are still issues surrounding it use.

The Thai health minister recently stated that tourists were not welcome to partake in the new cannabis industry yet there is little law within the nation to prohibit this.

Although cannabis use is meant for medicinal purposes in the nation many cannabis stores have appeared throughout the country.

There are also concerns about future legislation and what it might look like. Indeed the uncertainty has spread to the population and the police who are unsure about what is and isn’t allowed.

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